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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Redhawks Ride at Congress

Three Miami students competed at The All American Quarter Horse Congress from October 2 – 26th. The three week competition is the worlds largest single breed horse show, with more than 20,000 entries this year alone. MUET riders Mallory Myers and Lauren Martyn both competed, along with Miami Student Morgan Heck who is trained by our own Miranda McIntosh.

First up, sophomore Mallory Myers from MUET’s hunt seat team competed at Congress aboard her horse Stroke For Stroke alongside trainer Alfred Hewitt.The pair were first in both the 14-18 Youth Working Hunter and 14-18 Youth Hunter Hack, 6th in the 14-18 Youth Equitation Over Fences, and a finalist in the Non-Pro Hunter Classic.

mallory congress

Freshman Lauren Martyn showed in the 15-18 Western Pleasure on her horse OK Shesa Cowgirl aka “Cowgirl.” Cowgirl is  a 2007 red roan that specializes in pleasure. As her last show in her youth career, Lauren was hoping to end with a bang and they did just that. They were finalists in one of the toughest classes at the show. Lauren was shocked to make it so far in such a tough class since she had not been able to ride Cowgirl in over a month.

Lauren and Cowgirl

Lauren and Cowgirl

Miami’s own Miranda McIntosh took a Miami student to Congress as well. Sophomore Morgan Heck competed aboard her own Junebug in the Youth Hunter Under Saddle 15-18. She was 9th out of 94 and 8th in the NSBA portion of the class.

photo (9)

Congratulations to all!

Hunt Seat at Otterbein

This past weekend the Miami Hunt Seat team traveled to Westerville, OH where they competed at Otterbein University in the last show of the semester. Many pre-show playlists pumped up the team, while head coach Heather Pinnick and intern Jackie Yeager sported pink hair, large mustaches and light up wands for good luck. Overall, Miami was third both days, Alex Roe tied for Reserve High Point Rider on Saturday and Rachel McConnell was High Point Rider on Sunday.

Alex Roe Otterbein

Alex posing with Lantas

On Saturday, Caroline Hurst, Alex Roe, Taylor Myers, and Jill O’Brien won their respective classes. Then, on Sunday, Rachel McConnell and Abby Postle brought home the blue as well. Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful show!

Kelly on Rocky

Kelly on Rocky

Next up, the team will travel back to Otterbein in February for the combined regional show. Keep up the good work MUET!

Freshman Samantha Maze after her flat class

Freshman Samantha Maze after her flat class

Redhawks Host Western Home Show


Max and his fan club!

This past weekend MUET hosted their annual western home show. Mother nature played a few tricks in the morning by freezing the arena, but slowly the sun began to shine and the show began! There were many major accomplishments throughout the day. Natalie MonteCalvo pointed up into the advanced division, Kathleen Dodson was 1st on Bunny in Intermediate II, Zach LeCompte was 1st on JellyBean in beginner, First year member Molly Burns was 1st on Bunny in the Intermediate II division, and First year member Sarah Laane was 1st on Brandi in beginner.


Brianna DeCamp and OSU’s Pancake


Ohio State University also brought 5 horses that were used in the reining classes as well as on the rail.  Thank you to OSU for sharing their horses with us!





Dana Rossman and Max

Thanks to their good luck charm and some sugar provided by Zach LeCompte’s mother, the team was awarded Reserve High Point Team in both the morning and afternoon show. Congratulations to all for running another wonderful home show! Keep riding hard MUET!


Yummy treats!


Michelle Nugent, Courtney Johnson, Megan Perry, and Lauren Martyn and the RedHawks lucky charm, TomaHawk.


Butch loving all of the attention


Coach Carmack and the Dressage Team Swoop into Otterbein!

Hi all, Tom Schoen here again bringing to you an update on the Dressage Team’s odyssey.  I was lucky enough, again, to experience the 8th wonder of the world, let’s see what happened…

The Redhawks took flight to Otterbein University the weekend of October 26-27  for their first regular season Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) show.  Determined to perch nowhere but on top, Coach Lindsey Carmack and her kids flew in, with presence, into the dressage ring.

First level rider Emily and Jeana-Rae with  Coach Carmack.

First level riders Emily and Jeana-Rae with
Coach Carmack.

Nearly every rider on the dressage team made it up to Westerville, OH.  Drowning out the crowds with solid MU…ET cheers, they outnumbered and out-spirited the competition.  Everywhere you looked, a group of red MUET coats painted the town red.

On Saturday, the hawks showed their true colors, soaring in, talons first, to secure the Champion Team spot.  Showing in First Level, were returning members Jeana-Rae Schaper and Emily Gillispie.  This was Jeana-Rae’s debut in an IDA show for First Level!  Upper Training brought the heat when Natalie Davis and Devon Smith secured a 1st and 3rd respectively.  Furthermore, Natalie earned the Reserve High Point Rider spot with a score of 76%!  Representing the team in the Lower Training Division was team captain, Katie Forrester aboard Kermit and team secretary, Amy Fleitz aboard Mason.  Determined to finish out as strong as they started, Elizabeth Foster rode to 1st place in the Intro Division with a whopping score of 74%; her large, painted mount, Ted (a team favorite), was equally excited.  Tori Cooke earned a 4th place with a beautiful score of 66.2% aboard her perfect match, Bella.  If you know Coach Carmack or her determined team, you know they didn’t let up there.

It has been said that MUET's dressage team gets their talent from soaking up the sun's rays. Is this proof?

It has been said that MUET’s dressage team gets their talent from soaking up the sun’s rays.
                                     …Could this be proof?

The team traveled over to the Quarter Horse Congress that evening for an extra dose of horses, food, and fun.  For a minute, I wasn’t sure if they could be separated from the famous “puppy tent.”  Also, it wouldn’t be a complete night without Natalie Davis, Spencer Clark, and Jeana-Rae Schaper riding the mechanical bull!  The team attempted to coax their coach to go for a round, but she humbly declined, not wanting to show off her hidden bull riding skills.

Jeana-Rae showing that bull who is boss!  She was just upset she couldn't draw it for the show.

Jeana-Rae showing that bull who is boss! She was just upset she couldn’t draw it for the show.

On Sunday, Emily and Jeana-Rae proudly represented MUET in First Level.  For the second day in a row, the Upper Training girls (this time Kirsten Drew and Amelia Pfleger) flew high like true Redhawks.  Kirsten earned a 68.7%, securing 3rd and freshman Amelia (in her debut IDA show) scored a 72.3%, securing both 2nd place and Reserve High Point Rider!  Lower Training was represented by, Kelsey Poleyeff and senior, Kyra Chester Paul.  Kelsey Poleyeff brought the heat aboard Paco scoring a 69.7%, winning the blue!  Laura Adkins and freshman Geneva Mommsen showed at the Intro Level.  Geneva, rocked out her very first IDA show and earned 2nd with a score of 66.5%!

A horse show wouldn’t be a horse show without the loving support of so many wonderful parents.  They, too, brought their A game providing not only loud cheering and bear-like hugs, but also Panera lunch, bagels, cookies, whoopie pies, goodie bags, and even more cookies!  The team would like to extend a special thank you to these parents who show dedication whether in the cold or the sun.  Another thank you goes out to Otterbein University for putting on a great show and providing awesome horses.

As I claimed at the start, Coach Carmack and the team were determined to perch on top.  They didn’t disappoint.  They are sitting on top of the region… but tied with another avian creature… the Cardinal of Otterbein.

The team and  their ribbons.

The team and their ribbons.

Tune in again to see the results of the  7th IDA show at the University of Kentucky.  Who will soar higher, the Redhawks? Or the Cardinals?

That’s not all, folks!  We are all lucky enough to view this special bonus footage.  Coach Carmack presented her team with a challenge on the Friday afternoon before they departed: to create a video in their van to a song of their choice.  Let’s see where their creativity took them…

Link to Van 1:

Link to Van 2:

Who do YOU think won?  Vote in the comment section below.

Hunt Seat Home Show

The weekend of October 18-19 Miami hosted their first home show of the year! The Redhawks didn’t allow the rainy, cold weather to stop their fun while supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Susan G Komen Foundation. Both riders and horses were asked to sport their pink ribbons while in the ring. A coaches costume class was also held on Saturday to raise money for the cause.

pink fence

On Saturday, Jessi Thorne, Mallory Myers, Alicia Ferguson and Jill O’Brien earned blue ribbons in their classes. Then, on Sunday, Ashley Dowler, Rachel McConnell, Alex Roe, Julia Mason, Jill O’Brien, Emma Marcum, Rachel Flake, Terra Organisciak, Staefani Manchik, Brittany Hogan, and Carita Haverlock all brought home the blue in their classes as well. Rachel McConnell was High Point Rider on Sunday, placing first in both novice fences and intermediate flat.

Caroline Hurst aboard Carco in the Open Fences

Caroline Hurst aboard Carco in the Open Fences

On Saturday, a coaches’ costume class was held to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Students put money towards whichever school’s coach they thought would win the class, which was judged half on costumes and half on equitation. This was a great way to raise money while adding a little fun to the day. Coaches from Otterbein, Ohio State, Ohio University and of course, Miami dressed up for the cause. Intern Jackie Yeager represented Miami in her Ninja Turtle costume aboard Thor. Jackie and Thor rode their way to victory, donating all of their winnings to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Jackie and Thor

Jackie and Thor

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with plenty of great riding. Miami was named Reserve High Point Team both days and they are still leading the Region. Next up, Otterbein!

Kayla Akers aboard Carco posing with Katie Schultz before heading into their flat class

Kayla Akers aboard Carco posing with Katie Schultz before heading into their flat class

Hunt Seat Travels to Columbus

Hunt Seat Team Pic

This past weekend the Hunt Seat team traveled to the Sid Griffith Equestrian Center in Columbus, OH for their first show of the season. MUET brought their A game and was named High Point Team both Saturday and Sunday thanks to Heather and Jackie channeling their inner Lori back in her rock band days!

Jackie and Heather

Their were many major accomplishments throughout the weekend from both new and returning members.

Saturday First Places:

  • Open Fences: Courtney Beatty
  • Novice Fences: Rachel McConnell
  • Open Flat- Courtney Beatty
  • ADV WTC- Jill O’Brien
  • Walk Trot- Kylie Fleming
  • Novice Flat- EJ Robbins
  • Saturday Reserve High Point Rider: Courtney Beatty

Sunday First Places:

  • Open Fences: Meg Czerwonka
  • Intermediate Fences- Abby Postle
  • Intermediate Flat: Abby Postle
  • ADV WTC-Helena Kervinen
  • ADV WTC -Carita Haverlock
  • Novice Fences- Julia Prus
  • Novice Flat- Mallory Myers
  • Novice Flat- Rachel Flake
  • Novice Flat- Erin Belanger
  • Walk Trot- Stephen George
  • Novice Flat: Allie Shea
  • Morgan Mittler- first time showing Hunt Seat, placed 3rd in her beginner wtc class
  • Sunday High Point Rider: Abby Postle
Juniors Meg and Julia show off their blue ribbons

Juniors Meg and Julia show off their blue ribbons

Hunt Seat started off the season with a bang and is currently leading the Region! Next up is our home show on October 18th and 19th.

Brittany Hogan

Brittany Hogan preparing to ride.


Starting Off Strong

This past weekend, Miami’s western team traveled to Wilmington, OH, where they competed at their first IHSA show of the season. Wilmington College hosted both an a.m. and p.m. show, allowing MUET to show off their skills on a beautiful sunny day. Miami was named the High Point team in the morning and the Reserve High Point team in the afternoon.


First year members Lydia Yount and Megan Ashbrook were able to bring home the blue’s their first time in the ring! Lydia was aboard Ohio State’s horse Arizona in the novice and Megan was first in the Intermediate 2. Congrats to both!


Thanks to head coach Beth Akers, “The Tomahawk” traveled with the team for the day. The new mascot clearly did his job in rooting on the riders.


Brianna DeCamp was 2nd on Stingray in open horsemanship

Michelle Nugent was 6th on Cowboy in beginner horsemanship

Zach LeCompte was 1st on Tacky in beginner horsemanship

Natalie MonteCalvo was 1st on Arizona in novice horsemanship

Sarah Laane was 4th on Buckeye in beginner horsemanship

Megan Perry was 1st on Bert in advanced horsemanship

Lydia Yount was 1st on Arizona in novice horsemanship

Molly Burns was 3rd on Patrick in intermediate 2 horsemanship

Danielle Hume was 2nd on Buck in intermediate 2 horsemanship

Dana Rossman was 4th on Buzz in advanced horsemanship

Kathleen Dodson was 3rd on Patrick in intermediate 1 horsemanship

Sam Kershner was 4th on Winnie in novice horsemanship

Shannon LaGassa was 2nd on Arizona in novice horsemanship

Lauren Martyn was 4th on Brutus in open reining

Monique Booher was 6th on Ellie Mae in intermediate 2 horsemanship

Emily Uecker was 4th on Stingray in intermediate 2 horsemanship


A huge congratulations goes out to the entire Western team and their accomplishments this past weekend! We cannot wait to see what else MUET brings to the plate this year!


IHSA Mock Show

This past weekend MUET rider’s participated in a mock IHSA show held here on our own turf.  Judge Skip Thornberry “R”  judged each class before giving feedback to the riders and allowing them to redo their ride. This was a wonderful opportunity for both new and returning IHSA members. New members learned the ropes and what is expected of them at IHSA shows, while returning members were given the chance to sharpen their skills before our first Hunt Seat show hosted by Ohio State on October 4th and 5th.

A few of the participants pose between classes

A few of the participants pose between classes


Miami horses Caper and Twix came out with their game faces on, as they both won all of their classes.

Caper and Sydney Lewis show off their blues

Caper and Sydney Lewis show off their blues

Congratulations to all on a wonderful day!! MUET cannot wait to start the show season!

MUET Dressage Takes on Walnut Creek

Hi everyone,

Small introduction, some of you may know me and some of you may not.  My name is Tom Schoen and I have been at the MUET stables since the fall of 2009.  I rode on the team all four years, worked as a student staff, and now am in my second year as an instructional intern!  I just thought it’d be fun to give Jackie a break this week from the blog.

The MUET Dressage Team brought me along to trailer and help Coach Carmack throughout the day.

The MUET Dressage Team brought me along to trailer and help Coach Carmack throughout the day. From back to front: Tom Schoen, Jeanna-Rae Schaeper, and Elizabeth Foster.

Coach Lindsey Carmack and eight riders of MUET’s dressage team took a short trailer ride over to Walnut Creek Stables for an open dressage show last weekend.  Representing in classes from Intro to First Level, they had a mission to start the semester off with a bang and show everyone what they were made of.  This was the dressage team’s first appearance at an open show, outside of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA).  Both horses and riders were eager to make history.

MUET and their horses enjoy some time under the sun.

MUET and their horses enjoy some time under the sun.

Representing the team in the intro division was rider Elizabeth Foster and  Art I Bold, aka Butch.  This was Elizabeth’s first dressage show ever and Butch’s first dressage show outside of the IDA.  Together they earned a 53.056% in Intro Level Test B and a 67.5% in Intro Level Test C earning the dynamic duo a blue ribbon!

MUET had massive representation in the Training division!  Let’s take it one at a time:

Senior, and dressage team captain, Katie Forrester, showed our bay mare, Sangiovese, aka Lexie.  This duo rocked it out in Training Level Test 1 and 3, scoring 66% and 64.6% respectively which carried them to a first and fourth place finish!

Blues for days

“Blues for Days!” Elizabeth Foster (left) and Katie Forester (right) show off their blues with Lexi posing in between!

Everyone’s favorite Miami chestnut, Copy Cat, aka Cody and Miami Senior Kathi Ropers earned a 59.4% in Training Level Test 1 to receive a sixth place ribbon!  In Training Level Test 3, the pair brought the heat and scored a 62.6%!

Cody and Kathi Ropers halt and salute at the end of their test.

Cody and Kathi Ropers halt and salute at the end of their test.

A newcomer to MUET, Millennium Max, aka Max owned by Jennifer Southworth, was competed by sophomore Natalie Davis.  In Training Level Test 1 the duo earned a 62.29%, which secured them with a third place.  In training Level Test 2, the team bumped it up and received a 65.53%, locking in yet another third!

Good Max

Natalie Davis aboard Max, showing just how cute he really is!

Team secretary, Amy Fleitz, brought her soul mate Belissimo, aka Bailey.  The pair earned a 61.2% in Training Level Test 3. Amy leased Bailey this summer and the pair worked hard all summer in their weekly lessons.

Amy Fleitz and Bailey. The definition of True Love.

Kirsten Drew and the near Breyer Horse model, Take One, aka Uno split their two rides between Training Level Test 3, earning a 63.9% and First Level Test 1, earning a 62.8%.  Uno stepped up to the plate moving from the jumper to the dressage ring and earned a 5th and a 4th respectively!

Uno watching his friendly competition, Thor, during the First Level Test.

Uno watching his friendly competition, Thor, during the First Level Test.

Sophomore Kelsey Poleyeff and her steed Rominee Ros, aka Tanner brought their game faces.  In Training Level Test 2, the pair rode for the blue and received it with an amazing score of 67.5%.  Kelsey and Tanner didn’t let up there; in their Training Level Test 3, a score of 65.2% gave them a third place!

Kelsey and Tanner posing for the camera.

Kelsey Poleyeff and Tanner posing for the camera.

Jeana Rae Schaeper, team Treasurer, rode the god of thunder turned college kid, Thorwald, aka Thor.  Thor spent the summer in the jumper ring with MUET sophomore Kayla Akers and by his performance at his very first open dressage show this past weekend, he proved he is a talented, multi-faceted horse show connoisseur.  The judge fell in love with the Jeana-Rae/ Thor combo in Training Level Test 3; they earned a whopping 70% earning the blue!  In First Level Test 1, the competition rose, but Jeana-Rae and Thor didn’t let up, earning a 68.2% and yet another blue!

Jeana-Rae Schaeper and Thor have their game faces on!

Jeana-Rae Schaeper and Thor have their game faces on!

Let’s do some math… These girls and their faithful mounts represented Miami in Intro Level Test C, Training Level Test 1, Training Level Test 2, Training Level Test 3, and First Level Test 1.  In every single one of these classes, which consisted of ten to seventeen horses per class, a Miami rider earned the blue!  Congratulations to Coach Lindsey Carmack, her students, and Miami’s horses on an astounding performance at the Walnut Creek open dressage show.

MUET took over Equivents

Last weekend five Miami riders, one student staff and three Autumn Rose riders came together for an awesome weekend at Equivents Outdoor Series in Marysville, OH. Miami horses Paris, Butterfly, Caper, Twix, Toby, Thor and Jack made the trip to Columbus well worth it.

Kayla, Jackie, Rachel and Julia

Kayla, Jackie, Rachel and Julia

Paristar made the move up to the Baby Green Hunters this time around and she certainly seemed to like it. Jackie and Paris received a 6th place over fences out of a respectable 15 in the class.

Junior Julia Prus showed Butterfly in the Intermediate Adult Hunter where they received a 2nd and 5th over fences, a 3rd in the eq on the flat and a 4th in the hunter under saddle.

Julia and Butterfly

Julia and Butterfly

Senior Abby Postle showed Caper (Constellation) in the Adult Hunters over the weekend. Abby and Caper received 9th in the Pro/Am Classic along with multiple 3rd’s and 4th’s in the Adult Hunters.

Abby and Caper

Abby and Caper

Student staff and Otterbein rider, Liz Ector, shared one of Miami’s newer additions, Twix, with Autumn Rose rider Taylor. Liz and Twix came home with two 4th’s, a 5th and a 2nd jumping, along with a 3rd in the under saddle in the Limit Rider. Taylor and Twix placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the crossrails division as well.

Liz and Twix waiting for the hack

Liz and Twix waiting for the hack

Junior Rachel McConnell showed Toby (Woodford Reserve) in the Adult Hunter division alongside Abby and Caper. Rachel rode Toby to a 1st, 2nd and a few 4th’s. The pair was named Reserve Champion for the weekend!

Rachel and Toby

Rachel and Toby

Senior Kayla Aker’s rode Thor (Thorwald) in the Adult Jumpers and the Adult equitation over the weekend. Moving up to the 3’6 was no big deal for the pair as they brought home a 2nd in the medium schooling on Friday, a 7th in the first adult class, a 2nd in the power and speed and then 3rd in the classic. On Sunday, they were 3rd in the Ariat, 2nd in the Eq over fences, and 1st in Eq on the flat.

Thor dabbles in the Equitation

Thor dabbles in the Equitation



Autumn Rose riders Chloe and Reagan Showed Jack in the Crossrails and Limit Rider division. Chloe and Jack Received many 1st place ribbons along with taking home the Champion ribbon for the weekend. Reagan and Jack took home many 3rd’s and 4th’s as well.

Just Jack

Just Jack

Chloe sporting her ribbons

Chloe sporting her ribbons

Congratulations to all on another wonderful weekend horse showing!!

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