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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

The North Carolina heat is nothing for the hawks, who lit a fire at all levels

The heat was on in the Cacchione as Jamie Donovan second in the ring marched right to the first jump showing the judges what Miami is made of and scoring an 87.  This score held to the end of 36 trips with only one score to beat it an 88.  The flat proved to be a hot battle with no stirrups, and a test.  Jamie finished the day with an impressive 6th out of 36 in the country.

Miami has the burn at all levels as Ellen Quigley sauntered down the quarter line with a strong position and award winning smile earning her a sixth.  Danielle Paulson had her debut at Nationals with a strong ride on Sage, a trusty grey steed.  Danielle had a beautiful canter and worked the ring with authority.

Hawks were sited everywhere as Tom Schoen and Ali Gordon helped in the barn supporting the teams that provided horses, and the snap of the camera was our very own Jessie Thorne, recording the special moments for history.

The dust has settled for the day and the hawks must rest so they can bring  fire to the ring . 

MU……ET, they always Make It Work!


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One thought on “The North Carolina heat is nothing for the hawks, who lit a fire at all levels

  1. Allie Drost on said:

    Finally headed back to Oxford! After delayed flights, lost luggage, trying to locate cars in the parking lot, and helping a stranger with a flat tire… MUET heads home. Thanks to the greatest coaches ever for another awesome year, and Happy Birthday Heather!


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