Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Marching on, headed back to Oxford

The Miami team arrived back in Ohio shortly after midnight.  Their day was eventful, it began at 6 am  as the coaches and Jamie watched the Open horses school one more time for Nationals 2012. A course walk for Jamie Donovan followed and then it was time for the last leg of our journey.  Jamie had a great ride aboard Gunter (pronounced of course with the thickest of German accent).  She finished just out of the points with a seventh place.  Jamie gave a strong performance on the flat finishing eighth.  The team finished 8th out of 16 teams in the country.  Then the parade of teams to celebrate the day.  Miami marched proud and received a special surprise as they passed the Miami parents.  They leaned into the ring and cheered MU and of course this was answered with an ET. Go parents!  I’m still waiting for the CAW! CA……CAW!

It was time to head home, and with bad weather and  multiple flight delays. No worries.  We watched the Derby and picked our horses cheering them on loudly from the airport floor).  Congratulations to Donna Macleod, I’ll Have Another was her pick!  Upon arriving home and locating our cars not all of us remembered our parking location (yes you guessed it I proudly searched).  Heather came across a young woman with a flat tire and we helped her to start changing and waited with her till help arrived, true MUET Family style.

We celebrated one last time at the strike of midnight with a cheer for the riders, parents and coaches and of course a Happy Birthday to an amazing coach.  We tried to have Heather home  for her birthday but we were happy to be the first to wish her a new great year.  She has celebrated in her young career, multiple  individual national titles, two Cacchione riders finishing in the top 8, as well as two national zone champion teams finishing in the top eight at Nationals. Happy Birthday to the best coach, mentor and friend!  Here’s to the next opportunity and success.

The Rest Is Still Unwritten 


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