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One scoop of dirt at a time, the hawks nest is elevated

 It seems like just yesterday, a handful of jumps, a KNH class, some cones for a pattern, a dressage arena, occupied Arena Two.  This  space  now houses the dirt that will be critical in raising up the equestrian center.   The front pasture, and now most of arena two are filled with our future.  I know it seems silly that dirt could be so glorious but I smile inside with each load that is delivered.  The horses are amazing and for the most part are not concerned with the daily dumping and extra activity.  Secretly I think they are  happy with the possibilities each load brings, or maybe they think if we fill in the arenas it will be less for work for them. 

Just across the creek, at what we refer to as the vacation property, the Dewitt pastures are getting a new look.  New fencing, and automatic waterers are being installed. We hope to have our friends out grazing by the beginning of June.  Below is a picture of the pastures with the old fence removed.

I feel like we are on an episode of “Clean House”, or  some might say “Hoarders” as we purge and pack to prepare to move offsite.  The next few weeks will be eventful, I will keep you posted. 

The history and tradition of MUET will travel with us, returning to a site that will truly showcase its magnificence!


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One thought on “One scoop of dirt at a time, the hawks nest is elevated

  1. Nancy on said:

    Wow so many changes since the olden days when I rode there…where will you be housing the horses and when will you move them back?

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