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X Marks the Spot

All of our dirt work lately makes me think that  X should  mark the spot of a hidden treasure. This was the case this past Sunday in Delaware, Ohio.  ” X ” marked the spot where Miami intern Lindsey Carmack aboard Lexus (Miami University horse kindly donated by Connie Sellman) layed down two first place rounds.  Lindsey allowed Lexus to survey the scene in First Level Test 3 earning a 69 percent receiving the blue ribbon.  Next up First Level Test 2 in an unfamiliar arena.  Lindsey sporting a winning smirk said “She rode it like she stole it”.   Lindsey and Lexus were on fire and no one could catch them with the high score for the class of 70 percent.

Congratulations Lindsey and Lexus, keep your eyes open MUET fans the hawks are out and flying high!


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4 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot

  1. Jamie Donovan on said:

    He looks great! He’s really filling out his big boy pants!

  2. Jamie Donovan on said:


  3. Nancy Carmack on said:

    Mama Carmack on June 25 said: Making us proud in Alabama!

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