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Hello Muet Blog followers,
This is an exciting time for Miami equestrian with the site work, new horses coming in, and the recent success of the teams. I don’t want you to miss a moment and hope you will stay connected. Some of the technology I am attempting to use is a little outside of my comfort zone (old lady moment), and without some help, this would not be possible. I want you to get the most out of this site, so let me give you a tour of the blog (for those of you who could give me a tour and show me a thing or two please skip this section).

On the right hand side :

Links to webpages:  These are links that offer more information about Miami equestrian and the organizations we compete in.  Drag your cursor over the link and see a description of where each link will take you, click to go directly to the site.  

Links to Videos: We have had an exciting few months and these links give you a look into what we have accomplished and the future. Drag your cursor over the link and see a description of where each link will take you, click to view the video.

The Future Equestrian Site: I have posted an aerial layout of the proposed site after the Phase I work,  and the artist rendering of the outdoor arena, I will update in this area as I receive new drawings.

Important Detail: Be sure to click on the bottom right of screen where it says follow.  Enter your email and you will receive a new post as soon as it is up.  I promise to keep the humor, pictures and updates coming . Please also share what you are up to, and feel free to add comments, this is an interactive site.

“To follow, without halt, one aim.  There’s the secret of success”….Anna Pavlova-

Follow the blog and share with others.  MUET love is contagious and we are aiming for an Indoor.


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