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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Hawks Fly The Coop

The students have arrived and the dirt continues to arrive as dump trucks fill the sandbox at the stables.  The fences are coming down and the hawks have flown the coop.  They will be nesting at two local facilities for the fall preparing for their season.  Try-outs began this week in Indiana at Longworth farm for the familiar faces of returning members, and will begin next week for the fledglings.

Keep track of the hawks flight by clicking the 2012-2013 calendar posted under the Team Information section on the right hand side.  The newsletter is also posted in this section and will provide information about the upcoming year.

A few important dates

  • September 29th & 30th the IHSA Hunt Seat team travels to Ohio State
  • October 27th & 28th Miami  IHSA Hunt Seat show  Longworth Farm, Indiana
  • November 3rd and 4th Dressage team travels to Otterbein in Columbus
  • November 4th Miami  IHSA Western show Longworth Farm, Indiana

I have also added the link to the right hand side under Equestrian Web pages where you can support the future growth of the equestrian center by clicking the Miami Equestrian Giving Page.

It is great to have the team back so they can prepare for their season while witnessing first hand the elevation of the equestrian center and building of the outdoor arenas and stabling .

It would only be appropriate to begin the season with our battle cry!  Who Fly’s High?  Hawks Fly High! Yes I am flapping my wings with a CAW! CAW! (Somewhere someone is rolling their eyes at me )


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