Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian


What does 60,000 cubic yards of dirt look like?

How many were on the Hawks final roster…….100 riders!

Young Horses, new riders, seasoned veterans and honorary members……………attended The Robert Murphy Fall Classic at The Kentucky Horse Park.

Miami owned young horse Piggy ridden by Jamie Donovan

Miami owned young horse “Cutter” shown by Maddie Macleod

Coach Heather Pinnick took Chelsea Campbell, Jamie Donovan, Kitty Sarosy, Jane Sarosy, Liz Berman, Ashley McIlwain, Maddie Macleod, and Maria Lee to the Robert Murphy Fall Classic on September 8th & 9th.  Some young horses, new riders, veterans and even an honorary hawk earned ribbons and accolades for their fantastic performance.  

Where are the Hawks headed?  Waco, Texas to scrimmage Baylor, Delaware State, and New Mexico State.

Hawks are at home wherever they land….. but keep an eye on their nest as it will be a well deserved place to rest their feathers. 


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