Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Hawk Talk

Western Team

Western team bonfire and team kick off at coach Beth Akers home September 28th.  New and returning members gathered for a cook out and some special treats (thank you to Megan Perry’s Mom)!

Liz Chasky is suited up in the jet pack for an outstanding take off of the year!

Western Team Members  head to The Congress, in Columbus, Ohio this Friday,  to put the finishing  touches on show attire and enjoy the show.  MUET Western riders, Leah Moore and Katie Reed will be riding in reining events over the weekend, as well as Taylor Myers over fences.

 Hunt Seat Team

Fledglings Fly:

First flight in the IHSA arena:  Megan Ward, Ashley McIlwain, Syndey Walsh, Maddie Boudreau, Danielle Ross, Taylor Swan, Hollie Schaeffer, Christina Romine, Taylor Myers, Emily Meyers, Liz Berman, Carita Haverlock, Elizabeth Coatey, Rachel Flake, Hannah Babel, Alex Van Pelt, Meghan Ingraham, Stephanie Raudenbush

First time preparing horses for an IHSA horse show: Meg Czerwonka, Abagail Postale, Caroline Hurst, Charlotte Tate, Julia Prus, Alex Roe

Look Who’s in the Blue:

Earning a blue ribbon: Jamie Donovan, Chelsea Campbell, Kelsey Williamson, Angie Farthing, Danielle Paulson, Allie Drost (2), Maddie Macleod, Gabby Lichting, Hollie Schaeffer

Reserve Champion Rider Saturday: Chelsea Campbell      

Reserve Champion Rider Sunday: Allie Drost


Coach Lindsey Carmack took two dressage riders mounted on Miami horses to Cross Creek on October 7th.

 Kyra Chester-Paul riding  Cody:

    Intro A- 62%

    Intro B- 63%

Caili Piero riding Bailey:

    Training 3- 58%

    First 1- 60%

Alumni Emily Steiner attended to cheer on the riders, and miami riders Erika Anderson and Bre Lukan were horse showing as well.   Dressage Love is good love!

The season is under way and the hawks are flying high in all arenas.  “Whatever your discipline, become a student of excellence in all things…….” Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan


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