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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Hawks nest in Indiana for Miami Home Hunt Seat Show

MUET President Tom Schoen and Head Coach Heather Pinnick

MUET hosted their home Hunt Seat Horse Show this past weekend at Longworth Farm in Liberty, Indiana one of their satellite facilities while their home nest is under construction.  They finished Reserve Champion on Saturday and third on Sunday.  This continues the close race for the  Regional Championship  between the  top three teams which are spread apart by only 9 points.

Kelsey Kleinert and Kitty Sarosy tied for high point rider. Kelsey secured the title of  High Point Rider  in the lightning round of questions by the Judge. 

 What’s up at the Hawks’ Nest?  The dirt is still arriving, and the footprint is growing. 

This weekend:

Some hawks will fly the coop this weekend as many riders will be  heading to  the National Horse Show at the Kentuck Horse Park to watch, the Dressage team is headed to Otterbein College in Columbus to compete and the Western team is at Longworth Farm in Liberty, Indiana for their home show on Sunday. 

MUET is a big family with a big heart!

Let’s show them how the hawks can fly!


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