Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

MU…ET multiple states and disciplines in one weekend


Ten hawks western and hunt seat headed to the booming metropolis of Martin, TN to compete in an NCEA scrimmage against The University of TN, Martin this past Friday.  The hunt seat team brought along senior Chelsea Campbell, junior Jackie Yeager, and three freshmen, Abagail Postle, Megan Ward, and Caroline Hurst.  The western group was made up of seniors Leah Moore and Jamie List, junior Katie Reed, and sophomores Dana Rossman and Megan Perry.

 The hunt seat team started off with a bang winning the over fences portion of the show with points being won by Jackie, Chelsea, and Megan.  The horsemanship riders completed their patterns well with Megan Perry gaining the point for Miami.  Next we moved onto the equitation on the flat pattern with the point being won by Abbie Postle on “Big Tony”.  The reining riders didn’t hold back and again Megan Perry was able to secure the point for Miami. 

Megan Perry


Dressage Love at the University of Findlay on Saturday

First Level: Kelly Herdman in 2nd place with a 70.54% 

 Upper Training: Devon Smith in 9th place with a 57.60% 

 Lower Training: Amy Fleitz in 5th place with a 60.54% 

 Intro: Bre Lukan in 1st place and High Point Rider for the horse show with 71.88% 

High Point Rider Bre Lukan

 The team took home the reserve champion ribbon!

Western team spirit at Ohio University Southern on Sunday

The Hawks continued to show their mettle as they traveled to Ohio University Southern last weekend. 

Leah Moore was High Point Rider with a first in Open Horsemanship.

leah moore ou

 New riders Melissa Petrick, Shannon LaGassa, and Samantha Kerschner soared from the nest to earn blue ribbons for the team.  Veteran’s Liz Chasky, Allie Graves, Jaime List, Megan Perry, and Katie Reed showed skill, consistency, and resiliency in the arena scoring firsts and seconds on the judge’s cards.  The Alumni division grew with the return of Mary Forster to the nest.   The next stop for the Western Team will be the WVU Invitational December 1.

Samantha Kerschner

MUET Hunt Seat will be headed to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio this weekend. 

Listen close for the call of the HAWK!


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