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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

MUET Reserve Team Both Days at Ohio University

The hunt seat team made the long bus journey up a narrow, dirt, steep, hill to Ohio University just before Thanksgiving.   They brought their team spirit and exceptional riding to the arena both days, bringing home the title of reserve high point team for each day.

 Senior, Kitty Sarosy had a perfect weekend winning Open Flat and Fences both Saturday and Sunday and bringing home the high point rider honors both days.

Making their MUET debut in the arena this weekend were: Abigail Carr, Sydney Lewis, Gabriella Arroyo, Katie Schulze, Emma Marcum, Caroline Schutte.

Several Muet’ers had the opportunity to show in the crossrail jumping class, giving them a chance to get their feet wet in an intercollegiate jumping class.

We also welcomed  Krysten Kasting back  to the saddle.

The novice fence division was dominated by the hawks.

The hunt seat hawks have hooked their talons tight as they will work hard to close the 15 point margin between them and the first place team Otterbein.


More shows to come, more opportunities so keep the MUET love coming.


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