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Equestrian Staff Gets First Look

Last Wednesday, the entire full time equestrian staff braved the mud and donned fashionable hard hats to enter the construction site.  They met with the contractors to get a first look at the new home sweet home.



The tour started by driving down the brand new service drive and heading to what will be one of two parking lots.  This driveway will be the point of entry for our vendors including all deliveries.  There is a parking dock for the semis that will store our hay and bedding.  This will allow easy access from the barn to make stall cleaning and feeding easier.  The foundation for the grain silo is currently being poured.  This is also located close to the barn.  A second drive and parking lot, to be put in later,  will lead to the classroom.

As the tour continued, the staff entered the only part of the old barn that still exists, what we used to call Barn C.  Entering this space, the ceiling seemed much higher than what we remembered.  Actually, the old loft is gone and this allows for a significant increase in airflow as well as a more open space.

The theme of wide open spaces continued as the tour led into the addition.  The aisles are wide enough to easily allow human and horse traffic to flow throughout the barn.  The design also allows traffic to make a complete loop throughout the barn without going outside.


And what about the new stalls?  Doug Curry, the Executive Director for Rec Sports might have said it best. “The horses will feel like they’ve entered the Marriott.”


The barn will also have separate tack rooms for team and KNH students, laundry room, storage areas, and four indoor wash stalls with heat lamps and hot and cold water.  Gone will be the days of freezing wash rack hoses and the horses will surely appreciate the ability to take warmer baths.


There is still a little ways to go before the horses can head back to their new home, but it is certainly coming together.  The staff left the tour in high spirits and excited about the possibilities the future holds.


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