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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

If You Build It, They Will Ride

Driving past the facility over the last few days, there has been plenty of activity in the construction of the new outdoor riding arena.  As the layers continue to build, what was once just fenced in fill dirt is starting to look like a a home to jump courses, canter down the center line, and lope a reining pattern.

We searched throughout the area to create the best arena for our diverse programming and varied weather conditions.  This included visits to several equestrian facilities and horse show venues, and seeking out several arena footing experts.  Our arena is being installed by Ken Reveal Inc. from Mt. Orab, Ohio.  They have installed several of the arenas in the venues we visited, including the one at Equisports in Goshen, Ohio.

The new arena measures 150 x 300 feet.  This huge space will allow for multiple lessons to take place simultaneously.  It has under drains every ten feet across the length of the arena to allow for proper drainage and prevent puddles of standing water.

Installing the under drains

Installing the under drains

A sprinkler system across the fence line will allow for easy watering when the dry Ohio summer threatens dust clouds, eliminating the need to spend hours each week pulling the water wagon or positioning and re-positioning the pole sprinklers.  The footing will consist of a base of pea gravel covered by limestone screenings.

On the left, the base pea gravel.  On the right, limestone screenings.

On the left, the base pea gravel. On the right, limestone screenings.

At the surface will be course sand blended into the last two inches of limestone.  The resulting footing is designed for all weather outdoor riding.  It will be low dust and low impact which will provide the best environment for both the riders and the horses.  In addition, it will be easy to maintain with the equipment we already have.

As the last days of winter tick by and spring starts to peak out from around the corner, we  inch closer to setting the first of many hoof prints in our new home.


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