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A Weekend of Redhawk Pride

A huge congratulations is in order for both the western and hunt seat teams on a fantastic weekend.  Both teams traveled toward Columbus for the last respective shows of the regular season.

The hunt seat team ventured to Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio for a show Saturday and Sunday.  The Redhwaks proved that they were ready to to end the season with a bang.  A sea of blue ribbons were awarded to Miami riders throughout the day, with cries of “MU…ET!” resonating throughout the stands.  They earned high point team honors with a staggering 40 points, 12 points more than the second place team.  Taylor Myers earned High Point Rider for the day and Chelsea Campbell earned Reserve High Point Rider.


Saturday also marked a day of celebration for the seniors throughout the region.  A presentation honored all the IHSA senior riders, awarding each with a good luck horseshoe key chain and a rose.  Miami hunt seat has 14 seniors that will be graduating this year.  They will be greatly missed.


The Redhawks came into Sunday knowing what they had to do, and started the day strong.  Many riders found success in the ring, including one of the walk trotters, Emma Marcum.  She captured her very first blue ribbon, riding a Paint Horse named Ted.  The team finished in third place for the day.  Miami’s hunt seat team came in Reserve Champion Team for the season, with only 5 points between them and the Champion team.  Additionally, Miami holds both the High Point Rider, Kitty Sarosy, and the Reserve High Point Rider, Chelsea Campbell for the region.  Kitty will represent our region in the Cacchione Cup at Nationals.

MUET would like to thank the support of many parents who made the trip up to Westerville for the weekend.  They kept the team and coaches well fed, providing a spread fit for a king both Saturday and Sunday.

The western team traveled to Ohio State University on Sunday with the team mascot, Mickey the Motivational Monkey, in tow.  Though the weather was frigid, Mickey kept team spirits up throughout the day, rallying the troops with his wonderful singing skills.


The Redhawks came on strong, earning Reserve High Point Team honors during both the morning and afternoon shows.  Freshman, Megan Krug made her debut in the arena.  She showed strength and poise, earning second place.

The western team demonstrated depth in all divisions as cries of “MU…ET!” echoed throughout the day.  Among the soaring Redhawks were Steven Lakin, Katie Reed, Allie Graves, Karen Faller, and Megan Perry.  Steven earned Reserve High Point Rider both shows and finished Reserve High Point Rider of the season for the region.


During the intermission between shows, all the senior riders from the region were recognized.  Miami’s western team will miss its six graduating seniors.

MUOhio Seniors

Throughout the course of the year, 27 Miami hunt seat riders and 9 western team riders qualified for Regionals.  These riders will compete this weekend at the Ohio State University for Regional Finals.  Congratulations and good luck to the following riders!

Hunt Seat

Open Fences: Chelsea Campbell, Kelsey Kleinert, Kitty Sarosy

Open Flat: Chelsea Campbell, Jamie Donovan, Kelsey Kleinert, Kitty Sarosy, Jackie Yeagar

Intermediate Fences: Jackie Yeagar

Intermediate Flat: Allison Drost, Hillary Oberpeul, Jenna Samuels, Emma Whitaker

Novice Fences: Katie Jordan, Maddie Macleod, Hillary Oberpeul, Jenna Samuels, Kelsey Williamson

Novice Flat: Emily Krull, Maria Lee, Gabby Lichtig, Maddie Macleod, Taylor Myers, Alyssa Peterson, Jessi Thorne, Emily Wright

Walk Trot Canter: Megan Chadwick, Danielle Paulson, Maggie Sacolick, Tom Schoen, Hannah Shoulvin

Walk Trot: Ellen Quigley


Open Horsemanship: Steven Lakin

Advanced Horsemanship: Leah Moore, Katie Reed, Andy Shear

Novice Horsemanship: Jaime List, Dana Rossman

Intermediate Horsemanship: Allie Graves, Kayla Kuhlman, Megan Perry


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One thought on “A Weekend of Redhawk Pride

  1. Tina Kasting on said:

    good luck to all the rides, we are proud of you. remember to have fun and enjoy!

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