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MUET Dressage Team on Fire, Western and Hunt Riders Earn Individual Honors

Its seems like nothing can stop MUET’s dressage team!  They demonstrated yet again this weekend that they are a force to be reckoned with.  They traveled to Midway College in  Kentucky on Saturday, determined to continue their season of success.  The team showed strength in all levels, and team spirit was evident throughout the day with MU riders cheering for their teammates.


Kelly Herdman earned a score of 60 in her First Level test, placing 7th.  In the Upper Training level, Liesel Pfleger placed second with a score of 70.71.  Erika Anderson rode a beautiful Lower Training level test, and with a score of 65.83, and tied for first place.  Bre Lukan earned a score of 68.44 and placed third in the Intro.  MU rider Christine Debrosse rode a Lower Training level test, filling in for Bethany College’s rider.  She placed 7th with a score of 58.54.


Miami’s team came in first overall for the second time in a row.  Their final show of the season will take place at home on April 13-14, giving the Redhawks home field advantage.  Congratulations on a fantastic show!

Sunday marked a big day for Miami hunt seat and western riders who earned enough points during the regular season to qualify for Regionals.  The Regional show was held at Ohio State, with the western riders competing in the morning and the hunt seat riders in the afternoon.  Only the top two riders in each division move on to the western Semifinals and the hunt seat Zone competitions.   This was the largest Regionals for the hunt seat in quite some time with over 80 rides occurring throughout the day.  MUET riders helped keep the show running smoothly by assisting OSU in holding horses and setting jump courses.

All MUET riders rode well throughout the day, demonstrating their dedication and hard work throughout the year.  Western riders Steven Lakin and Leah Moore qualified in the Open and Advanced Horsemanship division respectively.  They will be moving on to ride in the Semifinal competition in Syracuse, New York on March 22-24.  Several hunt seat riders will also continue to the next leg of competition.  Miami swept the Open division both on the flat and over fences.  Kitty Sarosy qualified in both while Kelsey Kleinert qualified over fences and Jamie Donovan qualified on the flat.  In the Intermediate division, Jackie Yeager will be representing MUET at Zones over fences and Jenna Samuels on the flat.  These riders will travel to West Virginia University for the Zone competition on April 6.  Congratulations and good luck!


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