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A Beautiful Day for a Parade

Miami Equestrian Team members lead busy lives between riding, showing, studying, and class.  Many also hold jobs, have their own horses to take care of, and are involved in other extracurricular activities.  Despite their busy lives, however, they are willing to pitch in and volunteer for the community,  especially when the volunteer job is horse related!

The City of Oxford looked to the Equestrian Center for volunteers to assist with their annual Red Bricks and Roses Parade.  Tom Schoen jumped at the chance to help out as volunteer coordinator.  He called upon next year’s team President, Danielle Paulson to assist as co-chair.  Together, they organized a team of fifteen volunteers to work the event.


The Red Bricks and Roses Parade takes place in uptown Oxford each spring.  It is a parade of carriage horses from around the area.  This year’s event showcased a plethora of both horses and carriages.  There were many different shapes and sizes of horse pulling carts of all kinds, many of them historic.  This is a chance for the community to take a trip back in time as well as to witness the definition of “horse power.”

IMG_3539 IMG_3546

The MUET volunteers led a face painting booth for kids of all ages.  In addition, they put together a games booth where the kids could channel their inner cowboy and lasso cattle heads perched on hay bales.


After the parade, the MUETers headed back to the stables to lead an open house and tour of the facility.   The community had an opportunity to see all the improvements we have made and ask questions about what we do.  The horses reveled in the attention as both kids and adults got up close and personal.   Around 100 community members stopped by to say hi.


MUET looks forward to working with the City of Oxford again next year for the 2014 Red Bricks and Roses Parade.


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