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While the Students are Away, Bulldozers Play

It might be summer break, but that doesn’t mean that things are slow at the Equestrian Center.  Quite to the contrary, the facility is swarming with loaders, bulldozers and bobcats (oh my!)  The construction team is hard at work on Phase 1B of the renovation project.  What exactly can students and the community expect to see in the fall?  For starters, a second outdoor riding arena.  The contractors have already fenced this area which spans 100 x 150 feet and has a slight grade to allow for drainage.  Next week, Ken Reveal, the contractor for the phase 1 arena, will  place the footing.   This space will be ideal for lunging, as well as the KNH classes scheduled for Fall Semester.


Driving past the stables today, there is still a great deal of dirt, but that is about to change.  The contractors are working on turning the stable’s turf from drab to fab by grading and seeding.  These areas include the front of the barn, along the arena, and down the driveway.  In addition, they are also working on finishing the front pasture.  The fence will be installed this week and then the pasture will be seeded.  It should be online for horse turnout by August.


Other major improvements to look forward to include the installation of Big Ass Fans (no, I am not cursing…that’s really the name!   Check them out  These will be placed above the center aisle stalls to increase ventilation throughout the entire barn.  The contractors are also working on a sanitary sewer line which will allow us onsite laundry capability. In addition they will build a permanent, handicap accessible bathroom in the barn (goodbye port-a-john)!  Lastly, the contractors will begin work on a garage starting next week.  This will house maintenance equipment including the tractors, Gator, and Bobcat.  With all these improvements taking shape, the Equestrian staff can’t wait to welcome students back in the fall.


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