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MU Takes to Camp

School’s out, temperatures are rising, and summer is in full swing.  Must be that time of year again: time for days filled with kids, ponies, arts and crafts, and sunshine.  It’s summer camp time!

Miami Equestrian Center has teamed up with YMCA Camp Campbell Gard again this summer to run the programming for both their half day and overnight horse camp.  Campers ranging in age from 8-14 have an opportunity to learn the basics of horse care and riding in this action packed equestrian adventure.  Miami instructors Beth Akers and Jenn Gunther are running the day to day operations of the stables and riding instruction with the help of interns Lindsey Carmack and Tom Schoen.  Tom, who graduated from Miami this spring with a teaching degree, is  the newest member of our team.  

Miami leased 24 steeds to fill the role of camp horse extraordinaire for the 9 weeks camp is in session.  These horses do a little bit of everything.  They teach the campers the beginning steps of riding.  They take campers into the wilderness for trail rides.  They even gently carry the special needs campers around the arena, giving these kids a unique, hands on experience with horses.  Some of these horses are familiar favorites such as the Appaloosa pony Sprinkles and the little buckskin mare, Betty, who have been at both camp and Miami before.  Other exciting new additions include Sprockets, the shy Fjord who has the uncanny ability to juggle even the most timid or unbalanced rider, the Paint, Tarzan, who boldly leads the group out into the jungle for the trail rides, and the gentle giant, Diesel.

We are looking forward to an exciting and action packed summer out at camp!

Tom and Diesel pose with the half day horse campers

Tom and Diesel pose with the half day horse campers


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