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Meet Our Newest Additions

The summer is an exciting time at the Equestrian Center.  Over the last few months, we have increased the horse herd by four.  Meet our newest equine friends!

Constellation (Caper)


Caper  is a 10 year old, 16.3 h Thoroughbred gelding.  He traveled all the way from the Chicago area to join the MU herd at the end of spring semester.  His talent over fences was quickly put to use, and he even participated in the end of year jumping clinic.  Prior to arriving at Miami, Caper was shown in the the children’s equitation and hunters.



Ethan made his way to us from the bluegrass state where he was shown in the adult hunters and equitation.  We are currently leasing him from Michelle Zimmer, a trainer in Kentucky.  Ethan is a 16.3h, 12 year old Thoroughbred gelding.  He uses his height and length of stride to his advantage while jumping.



Danny, a grulla Quarter Horse gelding, was generously donated by a local contact.  He is only 5 years old and  a bit green, but he is settling nicely into life at college.  He has a lot to learn still, but his intelligence and natural ability are sure to help him in his new role.  Lindsey even nicknamed him, “Baby Champion.”

Half Pint


Half Pint, seen here enjoying his time in the pasture, is a 13 year old Appaloosa gelding.  Miami purchased him from a local contact.  Half Pint is a jack of all trades.  He can do western, hunt seat, and dressage.  He certainly demonstrates the versatility Appaloosa horses are known for.

All of the horses are adjusting well and seem to like their new jobs.  They look forward to meeting the students in August!


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One thought on “Meet Our Newest Additions

  1. MommaD on said:

    Danny (aka: Baby Blue) was our baby. He is the sweetest! I hope we can come and visit him. 🙂 I know you will take good care of him.

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