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Welcome MUET Freshman!

Whenever I turn on the television lately, it seems that every other commercial relates to back-to-school shopping.   From shoes and clothes to office supplies and dorm gear, all roads point to the summer ending and the school year beginning.  This transition marks a busy and exciting time for the Equestrian Center.  Horses begin to get back into work, the stables buzz with activity, and new faces start to appear.

K15213 Equestrian Photo Shoot

The Equestrian Center kicks off Fall Semester with the annual Welcome Back Brunch.  This is a great way for new students who are interested in the Equestrian Team to meet the coaches and returning members and see what MUET is all about.  This year’s brunch is scheduled for August 25th from 10-12 at the Equestrian Center.  The first MUET meeting of the year will be held August 26th.  During this meeting, both new and returning members will sign up for a try-out time, as well as fill out an IHSA placement form.  All riders are placed in a division based solely on their previous riding and showing experience.  Riders of all levels, from walk/trot to open, are needed to form a competitive team.


Try-outs for returning members will be held the first week of school with new member try-outs the following week.  Try-outs are conducted in a riding lesson format.  Riders aren’t expected to be perfect, but rather show the ability to adapt to the different horses, show growth throughout the lesson, and demonstrate a willingness to learn.  The dress code for try-outs is jeans and a polo for western, breeches and a polo for hunt seat and dressage.  The team roster will be posted September 6th followed by scheduled lessons.

western west virginia reserve champion

For the complete MUET calendar, please see the link to the right.  For more information about try-outs and the team, please see the prospective student FAQs page here:


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