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Dressage Team Starts Strong, Hunt Seat Riders Compete at Equisports

The first IDA show of the season, held November 9-10 at Otterbein, proved that MU’s Dressage Team is ready for another successful season.  With the addition of several new riders, Miami was able to take two full teams to compete on each day.  Although the competition was steep, and for many riders, this was their first time in the ring at an IDA show, the riders captured several ribbons during both days of competition.

On Saturday, four MU riders made their IDA debut.  These included Freshmen Natalie Davis, Elizabeth Foster, and Emily Gillespie.  Miami Team A, consisting of Liesel Pfleger, Jeana-Rae Schaper, Natalie Davis, and Elizabeth Foster earned 4th place overall.  Team B, consisting of Emily Gillespie, Devon Smith, Amy Fleitz, and Laura Adkins, also had a strong showing and earned 6th place overall.

MU riders weren’t done yet, though.  They dug deep during Sunday’s horse show, and came out victorious.  Team A earned High Point Team for Sunday, thanks to great riding by Liesel Pfleger, Kristen Drew, Bre Lukan, and Elizabeth Foster.  Both Liesel and Bre took first place in First Level and Lower Training, respectively.  Liesel earned the highest score of the day with an outstanding 71.4% and was named High Point Rider.  Team B’s Emily Gillespie, Angie Farthing, Kobey Rogers, and Laura Adkins, also demonstrated strong riding throughout the day and earned 7th place overall.  Jeana-Rae Schaper competed individually on Sunday and earned 2nd place in the Upper Training Level division.  Congrats to all!


The Hunt Seat Team has also been busy earning ribbons over the last few weeks.  Several Hunt Seat Riders recently competed at a horse show hosted by Equisports in Goshen, Ohio on November 10th.  This show was a preparation for the OHJA medal finals, so the over fences classes were quite challenging.  They including several natural jumps and required precision by both horse and riders.  The judge for the show was Skip Thornbery, who has been bringing his expertise to Miami over the last few weeks teaching.  He gave the riders an opportunity to speak with him after showing for some valuable insight into their riding.  The MU riders in attendance were Danielle Paulsen, Allie Stuckey, Maddie Pampush, Maddi Boudreau, Kendall Wentzel, and EJ Robbins.

Unicon and EJ tackle one of the natural jumps

Unicon and EJ tackle one of the natural jumps

Danielle rode Miami horse, Irish, earning 5th on the flat and two 6th place ribbons over fences.  Maddie Pampush took her own horse, RW to the show.  The pair earned a fourth place and a fifth place in the over fences classes.  Kendall also showed her own horse, Italy, and earned fifth place on the flat.  EJ rode Miami horse Unicon and finished 2nd, 3rd and 5th over fences.



Maddi Boudreau rode Buckle, another Miami steed, to a second place finish over fences.  Allie, riding her horse CJ had a fantastic showing, earning two first place ribbons over fences and winning the 2’6″ division.

CJ's gets a pat from Allie and Heather on a job well done.

CJ’s gets a pat from Allie and Heather on a job well done.

Congratulations to all the Miami riders on a truly successful day.



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