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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Back in Columbus: Miami Western Team at OSU

The weather has finally broken and horses and riders couldn’t be more thrilled! This weekend, the western team showed in another double header at OSU, their final show of the normal season before Regionals. Competition was stiff, with longstanding rivals Ohio State, Ohio University, and Wilmington all in attendance.

Captain Dana Rossman was happy to share that ‘we had sunshine!” which is the first time in a long time! Yay! The team had lots of support present, including plenty of family and friends. The LeCompte family again provided cookies for the team to munch on- thank you!

Team Snacks OSU 3-9

Cookies make every show better.

Miami brought home several blues, with Megan Krug, Courtney Johnson’ & Brianna DeCamp all in first. Megan Perry finished with two thirds, which pointed her out of Novice and into Advanced.

Natalie Montecalvo, Shannon LaGassa, and Brianna DeCamp

Natalie Montecalvo, Shannon LaGassa, and Brianna DeCamp

Ohio State honored all seniors for their years of participation in the IHSA, with seniors Katie Reed, Karen Faller, Kaeden Kass and Chrissy Barrow all recognized for their final appearances in the ring as Miami University undergrad riders. Senior Katie Reed told me, “this show was a fantastic finish to my years showing on Miami’s Western team! Everyone on the team was supportive of one another and the beautiful day made the experience that much better! I will definitely miss shows like this one next year!”. We’ll miss all the seniors next year.

Honored Seniors

Honored Seniors

There was a bit of excitement when “Megan Perry had a spur mishap that required two IHSA riders, Beth and Ohio State’s coach’s help to fix (had to take her boot off while she was on the horse and then put it back on so she could go in because her class was starting).” Way to hang in there, Megan!

Serious spur situation

Serious spur situation

At the end of the day, Miami came home third place in the first show and rallied for Reserve Champion Team  in the second show. My guess is Beth’s ‘Screech’ hat had something to do with their success….

Warm AND fashionable!

Warm AND fashionable!

To all the western riders heading to Regionals, we wish you every success. Congratulations to the entire western team on a great show season, finishing Reserve Champions of the region!

The western team at OSU enjoying the blue skies

The western team at OSU enjoying the blue skies


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