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RedHawks Heading to Regionals

After a great show season for the western and the hunt seat teams, members of both teams will be showing at Regionals this weekend at Sid Griffith’s farm as individuals, with the possibility of showing at Zones(hunt seat) or Semi-Finals (western) and then potentially on to Nationals. In order to qualify for Regionals, an individual must garner enough points in their division to point out into the next division.

Regionals is a much different horse show than the ‘regular’ shows our teams attend because the premise is based on the individual, not on the team. Riders who have qualified for Regionals are showing for their own chance to advance, regardless of what happens with the teams as the shows progress. On the hunt seat side, it is common for the judges to ‘test’ the class, with riders being asked to drop their stirrups, execute maneuvers like a turn on the haunch, and sometimes judges will ask for riders to switch horses. In the western arena, each division will do rail work as well as an individual pattern appropriate for the division.

On the western team, Miami had nine riders qualify. Danielle Hume and Megan Krug will both show in the walk/jog, and Danielle told me ” I can’t wait to compete and have put a lot of hard work in to becoming better.” In the intermediate class, Sam Kershner, Melissa Petrick, Shannon LaGassa and Lisa Silvaggio will all compete for those top two slots. Only the top two riders in any division will continue on to the next event, which for the Western team is Western Semi-Finals at West Texas A&M. Rounding out the western riders are Brianna DeCamp, Megan Perry and Karen Faller, who will all compete in the Novice class. In the words of Danielle Hume, “our team has really come together this year with many talented riders. Our team is incredible to be a part of because we are so supportive of each other.” Karen Faller, a western team senior, caught up with me to share that  “showing this year has been fun….this semester in particular has been stressful because all out our shows are on back to back weekends. However, that being said Beth and all of the coaches have been great about offering extra riding times due to the cold and condensed nature of the shows!” Congratulations to all the western team qualifiers and we will be waiting with bated breath to hear how it goes!

Karen Faller

Karen Faller

The hunt seat team has a significant group heading to regionals as well, with fourteen riders attending. Jackie Yeager has qualified for Open Flat as well as Open Fences, and Allie Drost will be representing Miami in Open Flat and Intermediate Fences. In the Intermediate Flat, Meg Czerwonka, Kelsey Williamson, and Charlotte Tate will all be competing for their chance at Zones. Abby Postle qualified for Novice Fences and Novice Flat, and Alex Roe will also be showing in the Novice Fences.

IMG_3981 (1)

Allie Drost

Meg Czerwonka

Jackie Yeager

Meg Czerwonka

Meg Czerwonka

We have a large contingent showing in the Novice Flat, including team president Danielle Paulson. “Novice was a fun division because of the wide range of horses; drawing was always a surprise! My favorite horse from this year was Gnat at OSU. I rode him on both days of the show and he helped me learn that collection while riding and getting your horse round is essential to winning! We came in 3rd on Saturday and won on Sunday,” Danielle shared with me. “I’m so excited to head to Regionals this weekend! I’ve been showing in Intermediate this semester and can’t wait to go back to Novice and show with my fellow MUET’ers. I’m confident that MUET will take 1st and 2nd place in the Novice division and move on to Zones!”

Danielle with Miami horse Irish

Danielle with Miami horse Irish

Danielle has some competition at Regionals in the form of RedHawks Krysten Kasting, Abby Postle, Julia Prus, and Ashley Dowler. In an email with Ashley, she let me know that “as a freshman qualifying for regionals is far beyond my expectations. I love my coaches, they are the best motivators I’ve ever had. The team has been a great experience so far. Everybody has been so welcoming and friendly which is rare with a team this large. I’m looking forward to regionals and my next three years!”.

In the Walk/Trot/Canter division, Miami will be showing Danielle Ross and Rachel Flake. Emma Marcum pointed out of Walk/Trot this past weekend and scored a spot on the Regionals show team as well. Congratulations to all riders for a season of long rides, long drives, and good luck fruit. We will all be cheering you on from Oxford!

Miami horses: Unicon, Cody, Larry, Brandi, Joe, and Jellybean will also be competing at regionals as all the schools will bring horses.  It will be a combined regional effort for both disciplines.

Here at home, we are preparing for the dressage home show next weekend, which hopefully will clinch the dressage team’s spot for IDA Nationals this year. Stay tuned!


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