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Miami Dressage Double Header: Smooth as a Whistle

On March 22nd and 23rd, Miami hosted our home dressage show, which happens every spring semester. Usually by this time the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the grass is growing…this particular weekend we were glad it wasn’t snowing. Otterbein graciously provided us with four of their horses to round out our horse teams, with Pedro, Cully, Lucas and Pete all in attendance.


The Otterbein horses arrived Friday afternoon.

The Otterbein horses arrived Friday afternoon.

Otterbein worked their horses in the ring Friday, giving Miami riders a chance to assess their potential draws before the show.

Otterbein worked their horses in the ring Friday, giving Miami riders a chance to assess their potential draws before the show.

The first day of the show, the RedHawks arrived at the barn before dawn to braid, groom, tack, and lunge horses. By the time the parade began, the sun had risen and the teams all watched their draw teams to decide which horses would be ridden by each rider.

Everyone loves a parade. Except for Thor.

Everyone loves a parade. 

Indy loved the parades.

Indy parades.

After a fierce day of competition, Miami came in a close second behind Otterbein. In the first level, Emily Gillespie had a lovely ride on Cully and Liesel Pfleger finished 3rd. The Upper Training level saw two RedHawks in the ribbons, with Spencer Clark coming in fourth on Uno and Kirsten Drew riding Miami’s Thor to a fantastic first place finish.

Kirsten Drew on Thor in her ten-minute warm up

Kirsten Drew on Thor in her ten-minute warm up

Spencer Clark riding Uno

Spencer Clark riding Uno

After lunch, the show continued apace with the Lower Training division. Three Miami riders competed, with Kobey Rogers and Amy Fleitz riding very well but Kathi Ropers stole second place with a precise test on Cody. Finally, the Intro level rounded out the day with Miami riders Tori Cooke and Katie Forrester. Katie drew Butch and rode a soft test to a second place finish, also receiving reserve high point ride of the day!

Dawn of day two brought promise and colder temperatures, but the riders fought through the weather to deliver beautiful tests. Liesel Pfleger and Emily Gillespie rode in First Level, both well ridden tests. Liesel went off test for a deduction of  points, but still managed to score 2nd place on Otterbein’s Pedro. Great job, Emily and Liesel!

Pedro and

Pedro and Liesel


In the Upper Training division, Miami was represented by Jeana-Rae Schaeper, Angie Farthing, and Devon Smith. Jeana-Rae drew Thor for a great ride, earning 4th place, and Devon drew Otterbein’s Pete and rode to a fantastic 1st place finish. Angie had a nice ride on Uno and came in 5th.

Devon Smith riding Pete

Devon Smith riding Pete

Thor with Jeana-Rae

Thor with Jeana-Rae

In the Lower Training, Natalie Davis drew Bailey and finished in 7th, while her teammate Lauren Lockhart rode Cody to 4th place. The day always comes down to Intro, with RedHawks Katie Forrester and Elizabeth Foster battling the other teams for points. Both riders had lovely tests, and Katie Forrester drew Butch for the second day in a row, earning another 2nd place and reserve high point ride for the day. Miami finished third altogether, which closed the dressage season with Miami as second place in the region. Congratulations to Coach Lindsey and to all the riders for such a hard-ridden season!

A great duo: Katie Forrester with Butch

A great duo: Katie Forrester with Butch

The dressage team was also supported by alumni, who came to work and hang out with the team. Emily Steiner, a 4-year veteran of the dressage team, ran the warm-up ring with as much precision as a Swiss watch. Thanks for your support, ladies!

Dressage Alums 3-23-14

MUET Dressage alums Caili Pierro, Laura Horodyski, Emily Steiner, Christine DeBrosse and Whitney Childs

Miami’s dressage team will be heading to Nationals this upcoming weekend, both as a team as well as individuals. Jeana-Rae Schaeper won the Upper Training division and will be showing as an individual, as well as Liesel Pfleger, who was second in the First Level in the region. Good luck to the RedHawks this weekend- we’ll see you at X!


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