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Dressage Team Returns From IDA Nationals

After a highly competitive season within the region, the Miami dressage team packed in a van and headed to IDA Nationals at Averett University April 12th and 13th. There were twelve schools in attendance.



Stretching before you ride is always a good idea.

With such strong teams competing from all over the country, Miami had a great show and finished in 9th place . MUET was represented by four riders- Emily Gillespie (First Level), Jeana-Rae Schaper (Upper Training), Natalie Davis (Lower Training), and Katie Forrester (Intro).

Emily Gillespie riding Daniel

Emily Gillespie riding Daniel


Jeana-Rae Schaper


Natalie Davis


As the winner of her division, Jeana-Rae also showed on the individual day, earning a fantastic 6th place.

The girls had a great time traveling and were supported by lots of friends and family. Cookies and treats were in abundance and the RedHawks flew high on the sugar rush.

Silly IDA Nationals

Congratulations on a great season and a strong representation of MUET at Nationals this year!



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