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Lindsey Does It Again

This past weekend, Miami’s own Lindsey Carmack traveled to Majestic Farm in  Batavia, OH where she and Danny (owned by Emily Gillispie)  competed in Second and Third Level Tests in hopes to obtain scores towards a USDF Bronze Rider Medal.  A Bronze Medal is the first award given by the USDF to recognize consistency and accomplishment at the Training, First and Second Levels. This is often achieved over many years as well as aboard many different horses.

Lindsey and Danny

Lindsey and Danny

On Saturday, Lindsey and Danny scored a 64% in their Third Level Test and a 71% in their Second Level Test. Lindsey was named the Second Level High Point Rider of the day. Sunday was not much different. Once again, Lindsey rode to the top scoring another 71% in her Second Level Test which ultimately allowed for another Second Level High Point Rider of the day title. What a wonderful and hard working pair. Congratulations Lindsey!

Danny knows he's a superstar

Danny knows he’s a superstar

When asked about the weekend Lindsey stated that “Everyone loved Danny. They kept commenting on his coloring and asking about his breed”. This talented Leopard Appaloosa definitely stands out anywhere he goes!

So what comes next? Lindsey currently has two of the four necessary scores for obtaining her Bronze Medal. The two final necessary scores will be completed at an upcoming USDF show. The pair will soon be heading to Delaware, OH on July 12th, where they will be competing in Third Level Tests 2 and 3, along with Second Level Test 2.  We are all wishing Lindsey and Danny good luck at their next horse show!


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