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Hunt Seat Travels to Columbus

Hunt Seat Team Pic

This past weekend the Hunt Seat team traveled to the Sid Griffith Equestrian Center in Columbus, OH for their first show of the season. MUET brought their A game and was named High Point Team both Saturday and Sunday thanks to Heather and Jackie channeling their inner Lori back in her rock band days!

Jackie and Heather

Their were many major accomplishments throughout the weekend from both new and returning members.

Saturday First Places:

  • Open Fences: Courtney Beatty
  • Novice Fences: Rachel McConnell
  • Open Flat- Courtney Beatty
  • ADV WTC- Jill O’Brien
  • Walk Trot- Kylie Fleming
  • Novice Flat- EJ Robbins
  • Saturday Reserve High Point Rider: Courtney Beatty

Sunday First Places:

  • Open Fences: Meg Czerwonka
  • Intermediate Fences- Abby Postle
  • Intermediate Flat: Abby Postle
  • ADV WTC-Helena Kervinen
  • ADV WTC -Carita Haverlock
  • Novice Fences- Julia Prus
  • Novice Flat- Mallory Myers
  • Novice Flat- Rachel Flake
  • Novice Flat- Erin Belanger
  • Walk Trot- Stephen George
  • Novice Flat: Allie Shea
  • Morgan Mittler- first time showing Hunt Seat, placed 3rd in her beginner wtc class
  • Sunday High Point Rider: Abby Postle
Juniors Meg and Julia show off their blue ribbons

Juniors Meg and Julia show off their blue ribbons

Hunt Seat started off the season with a bang and is currently leading the Region! Next up is our home show on October 18th and 19th.

Brittany Hogan

Brittany Hogan preparing to ride.



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