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Coach Carmack and the Dressage Team Swoop into Otterbein!

Hi all, Tom Schoen here again bringing to you an update on the Dressage Team’s odyssey.  I was lucky enough, again, to experience the 8th wonder of the world, let’s see what happened…

The Redhawks took flight to Otterbein University the weekend of October 26-27  for their first regular season Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) show.  Determined to perch nowhere but on top, Coach Lindsey Carmack and her kids flew in, with presence, into the dressage ring.

First level rider Emily and Jeana-Rae with  Coach Carmack.

First level riders Emily and Jeana-Rae with
Coach Carmack.

Nearly every rider on the dressage team made it up to Westerville, OH.  Drowning out the crowds with solid MU…ET cheers, they outnumbered and out-spirited the competition.  Everywhere you looked, a group of red MUET coats painted the town red.

On Saturday, the hawks showed their true colors, soaring in, talons first, to secure the Champion Team spot.  Showing in First Level, were returning members Jeana-Rae Schaper and Emily Gillispie.  This was Jeana-Rae’s debut in an IDA show for First Level!  Upper Training brought the heat when Natalie Davis and Devon Smith secured a 1st and 3rd respectively.  Furthermore, Natalie earned the Reserve High Point Rider spot with a score of 76%!  Representing the team in the Lower Training Division was team captain, Katie Forrester aboard Kermit and team secretary, Amy Fleitz aboard Mason.  Determined to finish out as strong as they started, Elizabeth Foster rode to 1st place in the Intro Division with a whopping score of 74%; her large, painted mount, Ted (a team favorite), was equally excited.  Tori Cooke earned a 4th place with a beautiful score of 66.2% aboard her perfect match, Bella.  If you know Coach Carmack or her determined team, you know they didn’t let up there.

It has been said that MUET's dressage team gets their talent from soaking up the sun's rays. Is this proof?

It has been said that MUET’s dressage team gets their talent from soaking up the sun’s rays.
                                     …Could this be proof?

The team traveled over to the Quarter Horse Congress that evening for an extra dose of horses, food, and fun.  For a minute, I wasn’t sure if they could be separated from the famous “puppy tent.”  Also, it wouldn’t be a complete night without Natalie Davis, Spencer Clark, and Jeana-Rae Schaper riding the mechanical bull!  The team attempted to coax their coach to go for a round, but she humbly declined, not wanting to show off her hidden bull riding skills.

Jeana-Rae showing that bull who is boss!  She was just upset she couldn't draw it for the show.

Jeana-Rae showing that bull who is boss! She was just upset she couldn’t draw it for the show.

On Sunday, Emily and Jeana-Rae proudly represented MUET in First Level.  For the second day in a row, the Upper Training girls (this time Kirsten Drew and Amelia Pfleger) flew high like true Redhawks.  Kirsten earned a 68.7%, securing 3rd and freshman Amelia (in her debut IDA show) scored a 72.3%, securing both 2nd place and Reserve High Point Rider!  Lower Training was represented by, Kelsey Poleyeff and senior, Kyra Chester Paul.  Kelsey Poleyeff brought the heat aboard Paco scoring a 69.7%, winning the blue!  Laura Adkins and freshman Geneva Mommsen showed at the Intro Level.  Geneva, rocked out her very first IDA show and earned 2nd with a score of 66.5%!

A horse show wouldn’t be a horse show without the loving support of so many wonderful parents.  They, too, brought their A game providing not only loud cheering and bear-like hugs, but also Panera lunch, bagels, cookies, whoopie pies, goodie bags, and even more cookies!  The team would like to extend a special thank you to these parents who show dedication whether in the cold or the sun.  Another thank you goes out to Otterbein University for putting on a great show and providing awesome horses.

As I claimed at the start, Coach Carmack and the team were determined to perch on top.  They didn’t disappoint.  They are sitting on top of the region… but tied with another avian creature… the Cardinal of Otterbein.

The team and  their ribbons.

The team and their ribbons.

Tune in again to see the results of the  7th IDA show at the University of Kentucky.  Who will soar higher, the Redhawks? Or the Cardinals?

That’s not all, folks!  We are all lucky enough to view this special bonus footage.  Coach Carmack presented her team with a challenge on the Friday afternoon before they departed: to create a video in their van to a song of their choice.  Let’s see where their creativity took them…

Link to Van 1:

Link to Van 2:

Who do YOU think won?  Vote in the comment section below.


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