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Western Bears the Blizzard

western snowy pic

This past weekend Miami’s Western team traveled to Ohio State University for a snowy horse show. Head coach Beth Akers wouldn’t let the weather stop them as they had to begin their morning by shoveling the vans out of the parking lot at 5:30 am. Once the vans were dug out, they had a rockin’ van ride to and from the show which included loud country music and party hats!


The team was High Point team in the afternoon and Reserve in the morning show!

Many riders had personal bests and the cry of “MU………..ET!” resounded frequently.  Megan Ashbrook, Megan Perry, and Monique Booher all heard the Redhawk cheer.  Lauren Martyn was named High Point rider in the afternoon show with a first in reining and a second in horsemanship.

Megan Perry, Dana Rossman, and Danielle Hume qualified for regionals and several more riders are knocking at the door. Congratulations to all on another wonderful weekend!


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One thought on “Western Bears the Blizzard

  1. Tam Sodders on said:

    Congratulations to Molly Burns on her 1st place finish!

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