Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Dressage Home Show

On April 11th and 12th, Miami hosted their annual home dressage show in the lovely sunny and 70 degree weather. Despite a week long of rain leading up to the show, the team didn’t let anything stop them and their hard work!


The results are as follows:


1st level: Valerie Copits 6th 61.72%, Jeana-Rae Schaper 5th 65.63%, Josephine Nachemson-Ekwall 4th 66.72%
Upper Training: Natalie Davis 2nd 69.62%, Spencer Clark 4th 66.92%, Mariah Knagg 8th  63.85%
Lower Training: Kelsey Poleyeff 1st  76.74%, Katie Forrester 6th 67.17%, Kathi Ropers 3rd 68.26%
Intro: Elizabeth Foster 6th 60.63%, Victoria Cooke 3rd 68.75%, Laura Adkins 8th 59.38%

Miami Teams placed fourth and fifth overall

Sunday :
1st level: Jeana-Rae Schaper 2nd 68.088%, Emily Gillispie 6th 61.324%, Josephine Nachemson-Ekwall 4th 62.647%
Upper Training: Natalie Davis 4th 62.955%, Amelia Plfeger 2nd, 64.773%, Spencer Clark 3rd 64.019%
Lower Training:  Kelsey Poleyeff 2nd 68.696%, Amy Fleitz 3rd 67.391%,  Emily Swatkowski 4th 66.087%,
Intro:  Elizabeth Foster 4th  59.688%,  Laura Adkins 3rd 62.500%

Miami Teams placed second and third overall


Elizabeth Foster, Katie Forrester, and Mariah Knagg

Congratulations to Kelsey Poleyeff for being named Reserve High Point Rider on Saturday and finished first in the region securing her ticket to Nationals. Natalie Davis who was 2nd in Upper Training in the Region overall, and Tori Cooke who was 3rd in Intro in the Region overall.

Lexus and Kathi looking dapper

Kathi and Lexus looking dapper

Thank you to everyone who helped put on a wonderful weekend of showing, we couldn’t do it without you! A huge thank you to Otterbein University for supplying horses for the weekend. We appreciate your help!


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