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Year End Gala and Scholarship Winners

As each year comes to an end, MUET hosts an annual Gala to showcase each team and individual accomplishments. This year, MUET was lucky enough to host Bob Cacchione, the founder of IHSA, for a wonderful weekend full of fun. Although everyone finds the silent and live auctions to be the main entertainment for the night, student scholarships and awards are an extremely important part of the evening.


Bob Cacchione posing with the directors

This years recipients are as follows:
Smokescreen: Eligible to current freshman, each applicant writes about his or her personal experiences between the bonds of a horse and rider. This scholarship is in honor of Smokey who was a true athlete, a loyal partner, strong competitor and gentle soul.
This years recipient is Kelly O’Bryan.
Truman: Eligible the any hunt seat rider in the novice jumping division, each rider write about their experience in the novice jumping division and what he or she has learned from being a part of MUET. This scholarship is in honor of Truman who demonstrated dedication, willingness and enthusiasm in the ring.
This years recipient is Rachel McConnell.
Citro: Sportsmanship award given to a senior member of the team who demonstrates unwavering sportsmanship and dedication to the team.  This award is in honor of Laura Citro who demonstrated sportsmanship to her teammates each time she came down to the stables.  This individual is selected by the coaching staff as well as the executive board of the team.
This years recipient is Amy Fleitz
Scout: Eligible to any level riders in any year. This scholarship is in honor of Scout who was the perfect Miami University horse and intercollegiate draw. This scholarship is presented to a rider that shows the same positive attitude, willingness and understanding.
This years recipient is Kathleen Dodson.
Graduating Member: Eligible to any graduating members, each applicant must write about how MUET has impacted his or her life and their future.
This years recipient is Amy Fleitz.
Returning Member: Eligible for any returning member. Each applicant writes about how the skills obtained from the team will benefit them in his or her future endeavors.
The recipient of this award is Kelsey Poleyeff

Sophomore Kelsey Poleyeff

At the end of the evening, MUET’s seniors were recognized for their time with the team. Each year, seniors are awarded their senior gifts as well as one member who is awarded the graduating member scholarship. Congratulations to Amy Fleitz for the graduating member scholarship, as well as all of our other seniors for their hard work and dedication to the team!

MUET’s Seniors


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