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Dressage Takes On Nationals


 On April 25th and 26th MUET took on IDA Nationals hosted by Otterbein University. Not only did the team qualify, but individually Kelsey Poleyeff qualified as well in the lower training division. Miami horses Tanner and Butch were lucky enough to go along for the ride and represent MUET at the National level! Tanner showed upper training and received a second place, while Butch showed in the intro and received 7th and 8th place overall.


Butch and his ladies

It was a very fun weekend overall. On Friday night, the team went to a Derby themed competitor’s dinner and won a hat decorating contest with Otterbein before the showing began on Saturday and Sunday.


The results are as follows:

Kelsey Polyeff (individual) 7th place 66.8% on Shane

Elizabeth Foster 11th place 60% on Caruso

Kelsey Polyeff 10th place 62% on Kingston

Natalie Davis 12th place 63.8% on Piper

Emily Gillespie 4th place 67.8% on Cully

Overall, the team ended up 11th place. Congratulations to all on a wonderful, hard working weekend!


Kelsey on Shane


Surprise Lindsey….we’re taking a picture!


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