Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Weekend At Windfall

To start the summer of horse shows off, MUET horses and riders packed up and headed to Windfall Farms, where they and four Autumn Rose IEA riders rode through the rain and shine. Miami horses Pleiades, Twix, Irish, Jack, Buckle and Larry were super stars and proved that they truly do like the horse show life.

FullSizeRender (5)

Jill O’Bryan and Pleiades made a wonderful pair for the Intermediate Adult Hunters. They brought home a 2nd, 3rd and a 4th over fences, with a 3rd in the hack and another 2nd in the EQ.

Jill and Mama P

Jill and Pleiades

Next up, Miami’s own Megan O’Connell and Twix made a great pair for the Limit Rider division. The pair for a 2nd and two 3rd’s over fences with a 5th place in both the hack and EQ.

Megan and Twix

Megan and Twix

During the summer horse showing season, head coach Heather Pinnick offers the opportunity to horse show to some of  IEA riders  from  Autumn Rose Farm out of Columbus, OH. This time around we were lucky enough to bring along four other riders to help them further their career and experience riding different horses.

ARF Windfall

Chloe, Sarah, Heather, Madison, and Lily showing off all their ribbons!

Chloe who attended horse shows with Miami last summer returned again to do the Beginner Rider division aboard Irish. The pair brought home a 2nd and a 3rd on Saturday as well as a 1st and 3rd on Sunday. Fellow teammate Madison who rode Larry in the Beginner Rider division came home with a 3rd, two 4th’s, two 5th’s and a 6th, while Sarah and Buckle who also rode in the Beginner Rider division came home with two 2nd’s, a 4th, and a 1st. Sarah and Buckle were named Reserve Champion of the Division!

ARF Girls

Madison, Sarah, and Lily

Lilly Johnson rode Miami’s trusty Jack in the cross rails and 18 inch division. In the crossrails, Lilly and Jack were named Reserve Champion, while in the 18 inch division, they brought home two 1st’s, two 2nd’s, a 3rd and a 5th place.

Overall, everyone had a wonderful weekend and we cannot wait to continue our summer series!

Jill and Megan had a great weekend!

Jill and Megan had a great weekend!


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