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Campus Partnership: International Student Visit

The Miami University Equestrian participated in Campus Partnership, a program where Miami partners with a University in southeast China to give students 3 weeks to experience American Culture. The students were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn to ride a horse. The students mostly come from urban areas of China, and most have never been up close to a horse.  All the students received a tour of the facility and a chance to interact with the horses, those that were interested had the opportunity to sign up for a lesson the following week.


We had over 75 college students from southern China tour the barn.  They then signed up for riding lessons and we taught nearly fifty students  in groups of six how to ride.  The staff had a blast working with them and even learned several Mandarin words to utilize in our KNH classes.  As always, our horses were superstars and enjoyed the extra attention.

“It’s wonderful that the we are able to give students opportunities to see and experience things they may never have had the chance to before. We are so lucky we have the resources and the incredible staff that make programs like this become a reality,” Beth Akers, Assistant Director of Riding.



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