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New Student Opportunities: Miami Bound 2015

This year, the Miami Equestrian Team started a new program called Miami Bound Equestrian. The program is for competitive riders interested in the team, or an animal lover looking to get started in horses. Incoming freshmen who participated in the program were given the opportunity to move into their residence halls early and to ride and lesson daily with the coaches. This program was able to give students the opportunity to become familiar with the equestrian center and other facilities on campus while meeting some of the returning team members and possible future team members prior to school starting.  Students explored the opportunities on campus for horse lovers and built relationships with other students with common interests.


Some of the Miami Bound girls during one of the many opportunities they had to ride.

This year, the program ran from August 17th to August 20th. 10 incoming students participated in the program, and we are extremely excited to welcome these students into the MUET family. Please welcome Ashlyn Anderson, Mary Burton, Caitlin O’Meara, Kendall Neubeiser, Jessica Brobst, Sarah Kingsbury, Haley Hacala, Victoria Lawler, Emma Alhalel, and Madison Ramba!


All of the Miami Bound riders

The girls were given the opportunity to ride twice and day as well as experience lectures and demonstrations on horse care, but the fun didn’t stop when the barn closed.

The first day, the Miami Bound girls, the coaches, and some current members of MUET had a pizza party and icebreakers at the barn. They played games such as 2 Truths and a Lie, where everyone had to guess which of your statements were true, and which one was a lie. It was a blast!

The second night, the group went uptown for ice cream and frozen yogurt and spent some more time getting to know one another.

The third evening, the group went to Your Fired and got creative. They painted beautiful
pottery, talked and laughed as their Miami Bound experience came to a close.


This is a new program the Equestrian Team hopes to continue on in upcoming years. Coach Heather Pinnick reflected back on the successful week: “At was great to see all of the riders create the friendships and share their passion for horses.  They were a fun group to teach and were really interested in learning.”

If you are interested in participating in the Miami Bound Equestrian program in the future or to learn more about the Miami Bound Equestrian program, please visit the Miami Bound: Equestrian Website


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