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Western Finishes the Regular Season at OSU


Megan Ashbrook, Janie Behnke, Hunter Reis, Sarah Laane, Sarah Kammer and Lydia Yount all packed in the van.

On February 28th, the Western team traveled back to OSU for their last regular season show. The team did a fantastic job, winning Reserve High Point Team in both the AM and PM shows.


Monique Booher, Colleen Ziegman, Sydney Thompson, Kelly Arnett, and Zach LeCompte on on their way to OSU.

Here are some of the individual placings from the weekend:

Sydney Thompson won 1st and 3rd in the  Intermediate 2 division.

Kelly Arnett placed 2nd and 3rd in the Advanced division.

Monique Booher won 1st and 2nd in Intermediate 2 and qualified for regionals.
Janie Behnke placed 3rd and 5th in the Beginner division at her first show ever!
Colleen Ziegman earned 1st and 4th in Intermediate 1.
Zach LeCompte placed 4th and 5th  in Intermediate 2.
Lydia Yount placed 1st in Novice.
Sarah Laane qualified for regionals in the Beginner division, and won 2nd in her first Intermediate 1 class!

Lydia Yount and Kelly Arnett

8 of our western riders qualified to compete at Western Regionals taking place March 6th at the Ohio State Fairground. The riders competing at Regionals this weekend are:
Sarah Laane in Walk/Jog
Kathleen Dodson in Intermediate
Monique Booher in Intermediate
Megan Ashbrook in Intermediate
Lydia Yount in Novice
Shannon LaGassa in Novice
Lauren Martyn in Open/Reining
Congratulations to all the riders who competed last week, and good luck to the riders competing at Regionals!

Seniors Breezy DeCamp, Zach LeCompte, and Kelly Arnett with Coach Beth Akers.


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