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Dressage Home Show and Regional Results

On April 9th and 10th, the Miami Dressage Team hosted their annual home show to close out their season. The team was up before the sun, braiding and warming up the horses for the days ahead. The team did a fantastic job running the show, and they didn’t let that distract them from bringing their A-game in the arena. The team took home Champion on Saturday, and Reserve Champion on Sunday.


Jeana Rae Schaper on Leo

Here are the some of the highlights of the weekend:

Jeana-Rae Schaper placed 5th in First Level on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sage Crandall placed 4th in First on Saturday.

Spencer Clark placed 9th both days.

Natalie Davis won Upper training on Saturday.

Kirsten Drew placed 2nd in Upper training on Saturday.

Elizabeth Foster placed 3rd in Lower training on Saturday.

Kendal Neubeiser placed 4th on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday in Lower Training.

Eastyn Newsome placed 1st on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday in Intro.

Sarah Kingsbury placed 7th on Saturday and 4th in Intro on Sunday.


Eastyn Newsome on Butch

This was also the last horse show of the IDA regular season, and regional placings were finalized by the end of Sunday. The Miami Dressage team had a fantastic year, and here are some of our regional results.

Jeana-Rae Schaper placed 5th in the region in First Level.

Spencer Clark placed 8th in the region in First Level

Natalie Davis placed 2nd in the region in Upper Training, and won the wildcard spot to head to nationals!

Kirsten Drew placed 5th in the region in Upper Training

Elizabeth Foster was the Regional Champion in Lower Training.

Kendall Neubeiser placed 3rd in the region in Lower Training.

Eastyn Newsome was the Regional Champion in Intro.

Sarah Kingsbury placed 7th in the region in Intro.


The dressage team with their weekend winnings.

Not only did they team end the season with unquestionable success, we are also sending 3 riders to Nationals! In order to qualify for national, an individual must be first in the region in their level of competition, or be second and earn the wildcard spot. Congratulations to Elizabeth Foster, Eastyn Newsome, and Natalie Davis, who will be competing April 23rd at Centenary College in New Jersey!


Region E Intro Champion Eastyn Newsome, Coach Courtney Previte, and Region E Lower Training Champion Elizabeth Foster.

Good Luck to our riders who are headed to Nationals, and congratulations to the team for a great show!



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