Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Welcome Back!

The school year is back in full swing as we finish up the first few weeks of classes. We are so excited that the barn is busy and full of students, and all of our horses are happy to be back in work.


Coaches, volunteers, and new members having a blast during one of the Miami Bound riding lessons.

Programming took off running August 22nd with our annual Equestrian Miami Bound Program. Miami Bound allows incoming freshmen to move into their dorms a few days early, and introduces them to our riding program. Students ride twice a day and are introduced to returning team members and our coaches. This year we had 35 incoming freshmen join us for the program!


The dressage riders taking a break during one of their rides.


Not only did they get to ride, but they also got the chance to bond with some fun activities. On Monday night, everyone met down at the barn and did some team bonding activities. We learned a bit about each other and found out who was good at directions (and who wasn’t, aka MUET President Kelsey Poleyeff).

On Tuesday, Kelly O’Bryan was kind enough to host all 35 students at her house for a movie night! Everyone had a great time talking, eating, and watching movies. And on Wednesday, everyone went to You’re Fired to paint pottery for their last night of Miami Bound.


Freshmen Amy Knox riding Thor during Miami Bound

Overall, Miami Bound was a huge success! For more pictures, check out our Photo Gallery!

Classes began on the next Monday, and we wasted no time jumping right in! MUET had its first meeting on that Tuesday, and returning member tryouts began on Wednesday 31st. New member tryouts began the next Tuesday, September 6th, and ran through Friday, September 9th. Once tryouts are done and our official roster is posted, we will have our first full team meeting on Monday, September 12th. Regularly scheduled lessons will begin on September 19th!

We would also like to announce the addition of 2 new horses to our program. Both were donated over the summer, and are fantastic horses we are so glad to add to our herd. Feel free to welcome Morris and Calvin with lots of peppermints the next time you are down at the barn!

Morris “Vermilion” is a 9 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding from Littlewood Farm.


Calvin Benning, aka Calvin, is an 11 year Bay Irish Warmblood Gelding donated by The Fenger Family.


We are so happy to have all of our students back in the saddle, and we can’t wait to jump in to our busy semester.

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