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MUET Dressage Ride-a-test

On September 25th, Miami hosted a ride a test opportunity for the dressage team.  Judge Wendy Enneking from Kentucky was kind enough to come and do a Ride-a-Test for the Miami riders. Each rider rode two tests, and Wendy gave feedback after each test and ran through some test elements to help each individual improve their scores. It was a great experience for all of our riders, and we can’t thank Wendy enough for taking the time to help us improve!

Our pairs for the day were:

Intro C and Training Level 1:


Emily Grzeda and Bailey



Sarah Kingsbury and Butch

Training Level 1 and 2:


Saige Sparks and Paris

Training Level 2 and 3:


Mariah Knagg and Lexus



Kendall Neubeiser and Lexie


Elizabeth Foster and Uno



Madelyn Hanson and Toby



Morgan Maison and Pleiades

Training Level 3 and First 1:


Kelsey Poleyeff and Tanner



Natalie Davis and Thor

First 1 and 3:


Kirsten Drew and Reggie

Thank you to Kirsten Drew and Morgan Maison for the great photography from the day!

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One thought on “MUET Dressage Ride-a-test

  1. Great pictures and great event… Congrats.

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