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A Semester Full of Team Bonding

As the semester comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on all of the amazing team bonding events we have done over the past few months! The team did everything from bake sales to decorating stockings for the horses. Here are just a few of the events we put on with the team!

Bake Sale


MUET Phi Delt Bake Sale

The team had a bake sale at the Phi Delt Gates to fundraise for the team on October 21st! They worked from 10pm to 2 am Friday night selling water, baked goods, and freshly made waffles to students on their way home. It was a huge success, and the team raised $200 dollars to go towards student scholarships and equipment for the horses. Thank you to everyone who donated baked goods and worked the table!

Tack Shop Adventures


The Miami Hunt Seat Team at Equus Now! in Columbus

While the Hunt Seat Team was in Columbus competeing at OSU on November 5th, the team stopped by our sponser Equus Now for a team night! Equus Now has supported MUET for many years, and we can not express how much we appreciate their support. Thanks to their generosity, MUET earned over $400 in sponsorship money during the night! Thank you so much for your support, Equus Now!


The Miami Dressage Team at Bridle Path Tack Shop in Lebanon

On Saturday October 22nd, the Dressage Team traveled to Lebanon, Ohio to visit the new tack store Bridle Path Tack Shop. The team was able to stock up on items for the show coming up this weekend, and had a great time getting to know the owners Lori Cole and Joanne Hyland. They were even kind enough to give us a discount on clothing and tack! We can’t thank them enough!


The Dressage Team at Irons Fruit Farm

After the team spent almost all of their money at Bridle Path, they climbed back in their cars and drove to Iron’s Fruit Farm to spend the rest of their money on some fall bakery goods. The team ate delicious apple fritters and apple cider donuts, and went on an adventure (kids) train ride through the farms fields. It was a fantastic day of shopping and team bonding!


While the Dressage team was busy shopping in Cincinnati, the Western Team was doing the same at Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus. The team took a van up on Saturday morning to watch some of the events and to cheer on some of the MUET members who competed.

Butterfield Farms


MUET at Butterfield Farms

The team took their annual trip to Butterfield farms on October 25th! The team took a hayride around the property, and stopped to feed some cows along the way. Once the hayride was over, they shopped in Butterfields market, and then spent the rest of the night roasting marshmallows and eating smores’ around the campfire.

Pumpkin Carving

The week before Halloween, MUET got together to carve and paint pumpkins to help decorate the barn for the Western Show. The arena looked great with all of the pumpkins, haybales and cornstalks lining the fence, and the team had a great time designing and making their pumpkins.

MUET and Varsity Hockey Skate


MUET and the Miami Varsity Hockey Team take to the ice.

On November 21st, MUET and the Varsity Hockey Team paired up for a fun social event at the Goggin Ice Center. MUET arrived early to watch the Hockey Team practice, and then took to the ice to skate with the team. Everyone had a blast, and we can’t wait to get the Hockey team down to the Equestrian Center on our turf to meet the horses.


Horse Stocking Decorating

The team wanted to spruce up the barn a bit for the holiday season, and make sure all of the horses got a little treat for the cold December. The team all gathered at PR chair Julia Mason’s house to decorate stockings for all of the horses in the barn! Once all of the stockings were decorated, they were stuffed with peppermints, treats, and carrots for the horses to snack on.

The team has had an amazing semester, both in and out of the ring! We had a great time bonding and getting to know each other better, and we can’t wait to see what fun team events next semester will bring!

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