Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

2017 Regional Standings

As we prepare to jump into our Spring Season next weekend, lets take a look at our current team standings!


MUET Dressage at Otterbein

The Dressage Team finished its fall season 2nd in the region, only 1 point behind Otterbein!

Individual Standings:

Sarah Kingsbury is currently 2nd in the region in the Intro division.

Kirsten Drew is currently 3rd in the region in First Level



MUET Hunt Seat Team at the Hunt Seat Home Show

The Hunt Seat Team ended its fall season 3rd in the region, with 5 individuals currently qualified for regional:

Novice Flat:
Victoria Lawler
Allie Shea
Intermediate Flat:
Ashley Dowler
Mallory Myers
Julia Mason



Lydia Yount at the MUET Western Home Show

The Western Team ended its fall season 2nd in the region, with 3 individuals currently qualified for regionals:

Colleen Ziegman- Intermediate

Erin Bosse- Novice

Lydia Yount- Advanced

All the teams have half of their season left to qualify individually and as a team.

We had a great start to the season, and we can’t wait to get back into the ring to finish strong!

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