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Dressage at Meredith Manor and Hunt Seat at Otterbein

The team had a busy weekend on February 18th-19th, with the Hunt Seat Team traveling to Otterbein and the Dressage Team traveling to Meredith Manor.

Dressage at Meredith Manor:


The dressage team drove out to West Virginia to compete at their third show of the year at Meredith Manor. The team took home Champion on Saturday, and tied for Champion on Sunday. All of our riders rode beautifully, and the team got many compliments on their positive attitudes throughout the weekend.

Here are some of the Individual Placings from the weekend:



Emily Shirley on Bingo

First Level:

Kayla Kramer – 3nd

Emily Shirley – 4th


Emily Grzeda – 1st


Sarah Kingsbury – 2nd

Saige Sparks – 3rd



Kirsten Drew on Bingo

First Level:

Kirsten Drew – 1st

Kayla Kramer – 2nd


Kelsey Poleyeff on Hallany

Upper Training:

Kelsey Poleyeff – 4th

Lower Training:

Emily Grzeda – 3rd

Morgan Hillard – 4th


Jocelyn Ormsby – 5th

The team also had some impressive performances in the Dressage Seat Equitation Classes.  On Saturday, Emily Van Zeeland placed 1st and Kelsey Poleyeff placed 3rd in Upper on Saturday, Morgan Hillard placed 1st and Emma Scheidt placed 2nd in Lower, and  Jocelyn Ormsby placed 3rd in Intro.  On Sunday, Kayla Kramer placed 3rd in First, Emily Van Zeeland placed 3rd and Morgan Maison placed 5th in Upper, Keara Sonntag placed 5th in Lower, and Saige Sparks placed 3rd and Jocelyn Ormsby placed 4th in Intro.

Hunt Seat at Otterbein


The Hunt Seat team was Reserve Champions on Saturday  and placed 3rd on Sunday. Spirits were high as the captains delivered a great speech to motivate the team and we all had so much fun!  The team made a visit to Equus Now after the show on Saturday for some great shopping.  We picked up some good luck pocket ponies for the show on Sunday.

Below are some of the placings from Saturday’s show:

Open Fences:

Haley Hacala 2nd

Novice Fences:

Victoria Lawler 2nd

Emma Alhalel 2nd

Open Flat:

Rachel McConnell 2nd

Novice Flat:

Samantha Ackley 2nd

Adv. WTC:

Tory Jenkins 2nd

Walk Trot:

Alissa Martin 1st

Katie Pauley 2nd

Below are some of the placings from Sunday’s show:

Intermediate Fences:

Ashley Dowler 1st

Open Flat:

Kelsey Fenger 2nd

Walk Trot:

Katie Pauly 1st


Hunt Seat Seniors Kylie Fleming, Rachel McConnell, Ashley Dowler, and EJ Robbins with Coach Heather Pinnick

Congratulations to all of our riders on a successful weekend!  Victoria Lawler and Samantha Ackley also qualified for regionals in their respective divisions.

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