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Western at OSU-March 5th

Western Team Picture OSU March 5

On March 5th, the Western team traveled to OSU for their last show of the season!

We went to Olive Garden as a team and ate our weights in pasta and breadsticks! The team placed Reserve Champion in both AM and PM show!

Here are some of the individual placings:

Claire Turner March 5th

Claire Turner with her prizes

Claire Turner- 1st in both of her Intermediate II classes

Lydia Yount- 2nd in Open horsemanship in the AM

Jenny Rusk- 1st in Intermediate II in the AM

Natalie Grosick- 1st in Intermediate I in the AM

Lauren Martyn- 1st in Opening horsemanship in the PM

Lauren White- 2nd in Intermediate II in the PM

Logan York- 2nd in Intermediate I in the PM

Allison Ward- 2nd in Beginner in the PM

Lauren Martyn March 5th

Lauren Martyn in Open Reining

Lauren Martyn got her last point to qualify for regionals in the reining and the horsemanship. The Western team ended their season 2nd in the region!

The following riders qualified for Regionals:

Megan Ashbrook March 5th

Megan Ashbrook

Open Reining/Open Horsemanship

Lauren Martyn


Lydia Yount


Megan Ashbrook


Hunter Ries

Colleen Zeigman

Sydney Thompson

Check back in next week for regional results!

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