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MUET Dressage is Going to Nationals!


A beautiful sunrise to start a great show day!

On April 1st and 2nd, MUET hosted its annual dressage home show to finish out the IDA regular season. All of the early mornings, planning and prepping paid off, as the show went off without a hitch! The horses were beautiful and well-behaved, and gave their all to put in great tests. Our riders also put in some amazing tests, winning Reserve Champion Team on Sunday.

Kirsten Drew (3)

Kirsten Drew on Reggie

Here are some of the placings from the weekend:

Kirsten Drew placed 1st in First Level both Saturday and Sunday

Emily Shirley placed 3rd on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday in First Level

Mariah Knagg placed 1st in Upper on Sunday, and was High Point Rider of the day

Kelsey Poleyeff placed 3rd in Upper on Sunday

Kendal Neubeiser placed 3rd in her first Upper test on Saturday

Emily Grzeda placed 2nd in Lower Training on Sunday

Morgan Hillard placed 1st on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday in Lower Training

Emily Van Zeeland

Emily Van Zeeland on Toby

Kirsten Drew placed 1st in First Level DSE on Saturday

Natalie Davis placed 3rd in First Level DSE on Sunday

Emily Van Zeeland placed 1st in Upper Training DSE on Sunday and 3rd on Saturday

Emma Scheidt placed 1st in Lower Training DSE on Saturday

Keara Sonntag placed 2nd in Lower DSE on Saturday

Jocelyn Ormsby placed 1st in Intro DSE on Saturday

The show on Sunday marked the end of the regular season, and the Regional Awards Ceremony took place at the end the day. There it was announced that…



MUET is the IDA Region E Champion, and will be sending a team to compete at Nationals April 28th-30th! We also had multiple riders place in the top ranks of their divisions.

Kirsten Drew placed 2nd in First Level in the region, and is in the running for a wildcard spot as an individual in First Level.

Emily Shirley placed 3rd in the region in First Level

Kayla Kramer placed 4th in the region in First Level

Emily Grzeda placed 3rd in the region in Lower Training

Sarah Kingsbury placed 3rd in the region in Intro

Saige Sparks placed 4th in the region in Intro

Jocelyn Ormsby was the Region Champion for Intro DSE

Emily Van Zeeland was the Region Champion for the Upper Training DSE

Seniors (2)

The dressage team Seniors Kirsten Drew, Natalie Davis, Kelsey Poleyeff, and Elizabeth Foster with coach Courtney Previte and MUET’s Hannibal

Congratulations to all on a great season, and good luck at Nationals!


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One thought on “MUET Dressage is Going to Nationals!

  1. Way to go, MUET! What a lot of hard work — wishing you more success at Nationals!
    love from Sancerre’s mom

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