Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

MUET 2017 Gala


The Miami University Western Team (with special guest Edgar)

On April 22nd, MUET hosted our annual Gala at Hueston Woods, where we had a night full of reflection, food, and laughter. Our coaches gave a hilarious summary of our year involving emergency hats and personalized MUET Stickers, five of our seniors gave heartfelt speeches, and the team awarded scholarships and superlatives to some of it’s members. Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners:

Rachel McConnell – Citro Award

Megan Ashbrook- Scout Scholarship

Kelly O’Bryan – Truman Award

Allie Stuckey – Graduating Member

Sarah Kingsbury – Returning Member

Keara Sonntag – Smokescreen Award

Congratulations also to our Amy Schenkel scholarship winners!

Amanda Hayes-Puttfarcken

Emily Simanskis

Sarah Kingsbury

Madeline Zinkl

Jill O’Bryan

Madison Ramba

Lauren Martyn

Megan Ashbrook


The Miami University Dressage Team

We also put on a silent auction and raffle as our annual fundraiser for the team. Thank you so much to all of the people who donated to the Silent Auction, and to all who purchased raffle tickets and won baskets!

Amanda Wasser

Anderson Family

Ashbrook Family

Drew Family  

Fitzgerald Family

Hacala Family


Knagg Family

Knox Family

Lawler Family

Martyn Family

Maison Family

McConnell Family

O’Bryan Family  (Jill O’Bryan)

O’Bryan Family  (Kelly O’Bryan)

Poleyeff Family

Shea Family

Sontagg Family

The Coaches

The Team

Ziegman Family


Hunt Seat riders Ashley Dowler, Kelly O’Bryan, Rachel McConnell, and Jill O’Bryan

Thank you to everyone who attended, and everyone who worked hard to make the night go off without a hitch! Special thank you to Julia Mason, the teams PR chair, who planned the whole night. It was a great night, and we are so happy that we were able to share the special event with team members and their families.

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