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The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Summer Begins


Ever wonder what happens at the barn after the students leave for the summer? Or what the staff is up to during the down time?

If you thought, “I bet it’s a very productive time of year!” then you would be correct!

The staff has been busy preparing for all of the adventures and learning the summer is bound to hold. Our summer camp programming starts in just a few short weeks and summer lessons are already in full swing.

Our first move was to send a group of the horses out to the pastures for some well-deserved vacation time. They have enjoyed the lush grass and sunny days with their buddies!


Thor majestically watches over the herd

With the horses out of the barn, we were able to prepare for the power washing that happens each year. The stalls are stripped, buckets taken down and scrubbed, and everything removed from the stall fronts so that the aisles and stalls can be fully washed.


Freshly washed and ready for the horses to move back in!

Next, the staff tackles facility areas like the tack room, to ensure everything is well organized and accounted for. They also perform a safety inspection on every piece of equipment used on our horses.


Finally, they begin preparing lesson plans, activities, and schedules for the rest of the summer. Summer camp runs for 7 weeks and is open to riders aged 8-18. Campers learn to ride and work in the barn, as well as take part in lots of other fun activities, like horse painting, nature scavenger hunts, and crafts galore, including a picture frame made from a real horse shoe.

Summer lessons are also available to students and community members. Lessons in western, hunt seat, and dressage are offered, as well as opportunities for students to travel to horse shows if they desire.


Pizarro enjoying the view from his new home

For more information about our summer learning opportunities, check out and click on the “Programming” tab!


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