Miami University Equestrian

The progress of Miami University Equestrian

Welcome, Campers!


Our summer camp series is off to a fantastic start! Campers met our horses Monday morning and then enjoyed a week full of riding, learning, and camp activities.


To start, the campers learned about safety and how to properly handle their horse. They practiced haltering, leading, grooming, and saddling. Once their horses were ready, they headed out to the ring to practice skills like mounting, walking, jogging, and standing in their stirrups. As the week progressed, their skills improved and riding activities grew to include games and obstacle courses.


During their time out of the saddle, campers learned about other aspects of the horse world, including colors and markings, stall cleaning, bathing, feeding and nutrition, and general horse care and management. They made picture frames from real horse shoes taken off of our horses, took a nature hike to the nearby creek, and even spent some time painting bright colors on a few of their mounts. At the end of the week, the campers demonstrated their skills during a show for their parents. img_1822.jpg

We had a blast this week, made a bunch of memories, and can’t wait for the remaining weeks of summer camp. We hope to see you there!


To learn more about our summer camp program, or to register your child, visit and click on the “Programming” tab! 




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