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MUET Dressage Riders at Derbyshire Stables


MUET dressage riders Saige Sparks, Emily Grzeda, and Emma Scheidt traveled to a competition this past weekend, where they represented Miami Equestrian and brought home many ribbons!

The competition was held at Derbyshire Stables in Camp Dennison, Ohio. The students arrived at Miami early in the morning to feed, braid, and ready their horses. Once arrived at the competition, they settled the horses into their stalls and prepared for their warm ups.


Saige and Cash

Saige rode Count the Cash (“Cash”) in Training Level Test 3 and First Level Test 1. The pair worked beautifully together, earning a 5th in T3 and a 4th in F1.


Emily and Russell

Emily and Russell rode the same tests and had lovely rides. They earned a 3rd and 5th place.


Emma and Butch

Emma and Art I Bold (“Butch”) rocked Training Level Test 1 and earned 2nd place in a very large class. They also got a great score in Training Level Test 3.

Coach Courtney Previte and Hannibal competed in First Level and won both of their classes.


Hannibal and his winning ribbons

Congratulations to all riders!


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