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Mid Ohio Classic Dressage Show


What an exciting weekend! Coach Courtney Previte and 3 dressage students traveled to Johnstown Ohio to compete in the Mid Ohio Dressage Classic I & II, where they met all of their show goals and earned some lovely scores and ribbons to boot!


The 4 riders packed up Thursday afternoon and headed off on the 2.5 hour journey to the show grounds at the new Brave Horse Facility in Johnstown. Upon arrival, they happily discovered that the show facility was as gorgeous as they had heard – beautiful, spacious matted stalls, lovely arenas, and well manicured landscaping adorned the spacious grounds. Once the horses were settled in, the group headed out to school in the competition arenas.

On Friday, Coach Courtney Previte showed Hannibal, Miami’s 16 year old Westphalian gelding. The pair competed in First Level and earned a first and second place. Hannibal took a little while to settle in, but once he did he was calm and cool as they prepared to begin their trek to a USDF Bronze medal. They earned their first score on Friday!

After the competition, the other riders practiced in the competition rings one last time to prepare for Saturday’s show. They finished the evening with horse baths, pizza, and Britain’s Got Talent.

Saturday rolled around, and after an early morning braiding and preparing, riders Emily Grzeda, Saige Sparks, and Emma Scheidt headed out to perform their tests.


Saige and Count the Cash

Saige rode Miami’s Count the Cash in Training 3 and First 1. The pair conquered their show nerves and earned two second places!

Emma Scheidt and Miami’s Art I Bold (Butch) competed in Training 1 and Training 3. They won their Training 1 class and placed fifth in Training 3.


Emily and Saige passing each other as one finished and one starts a test!

Emily Grzeda rode Miami’s Ursel (Russell) to two great scores in Training 3 and First 1, placing third and fourth.


Emily and Ursel

The students were thrilled with how well the horses performed and were excited to do it all over again on Sunday! The group celebrated with dinner at a local Mexican restaurant after spoiling their horses with treats and extra fluffy stalls. After many laughs and a fantastic meal, the group headed to bed early to make sure they were well rested for their last day of competition.


Emma and Art I Bold (Butch)

After a very early morning start on Sunday, the riders were happy to discover even more success in the show ring. Emma won her Training 1 class with a 67%! Courtney and Hannibal won both of their classes and earned their final First level score for their USDF Bronze medal. Emily and Saige rode beautifully and took home several more ribbons, including a second and third for Emily, and a third and fifth for Saige.


All smiles after completing their tests and shedding their coats in the hot weather!

The group headed home with many smiles after a successful weekend at their very first USDF show. Follow them on their next adventure as they take on their next competition at Majestic Farms August 11-13!


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